Resistance ~ You Are Not My Friend

Do you have things in your life that you are resisting?

What do I mean by resisting?

You know those times when there are things you want to do or need to do or should get taken care of, but you don’t?  And then you talk to yourself about how you really should be doing that thing, but you keep avoiding doing it?

That, my dear, is resistance.

It is a powerful force and is not a very good friend.  Well, the you that wants to play it safe, avoid risk, keep things the way things are.. resistance is the maid of honor for that life.

But, the you that has BIG dreams, that has things you want to make happen, that wants to do more than merely survive.  The you that wants to THRIVE?  She and resistance don’t get along very well.

But, have you ever noticed that no matter what you do, how enlightened you become, how clear on your commitment and your desire to do something awesome, resistance will find a way to show up and try to talk you our of doing your thing.  THE thing that most inspires you!  You see, not a friend.

Resistance, however, is not going anywhere.

It is a part of being human, part of the very nature of who we are.  Somewhere way back in time, when we were cave woman mommy’s, that survival instinct to just see ourselves through another day left a permanent mark our the very core of who we are.

So, trying to overcome or make the resistance go away will only give you more things to talk to yourself about how you aren’t good enough or how you should be doing so much better or however YOU like to beat yourself up.

What to do?

Acknowledge it!  Say hello, introduce yourself.  Don’t try to hide it and pretend it isn’t there.  That never helps and only makes your resistance try harder for you to notice and pay attention.

How do YOU resist?  In what ways do you try to talk yourself out of doing what you love?  Look and see if you can find your particular flavor of resistance.

Is it I’m not good enough?  Or I have no time? Or I don’t know what I’m doing? Or no one is going to take me seriously anyway,  so what’s the point?  Is it the I have to be in the mood excuse?  Or the I need to learn so much before I can get started?

You know what it is.  Just look at anything in the past where you had something you REALLY wanted to do, something that totally inspired you and made your heart sing.  But, you didn’t do it.  Whatever you told yourself, however you talked yourself out of going for it.  THAT is your flavor.  That is the way resistance works in you YOUR life.

But, when you can acknowledge it, own it, maybe even make friends with it, then the resistance won’t have as much power.  When you can accept that this is a part of who you are and you stop trying to fight with it,  then, you can see it.  You can hear it.  You can notice when the resistance card is being played.  And, you can stop, say hi, smile and politely say, not now.. I am doing this thing!

And the more you practice this, the more fabulous you become.  Because you will be living your dreams and experiencing the magic of life vs. the fear or whatever it is that takes over when resistance wins.

How do you resist in YOUR life?

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