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Reach Out to Someone You Greatly Admire

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We all have people we look up to, respect, and think to be amazing.  Especially in today’s world of internet crushes, long distance connections, inspiring blogs, etc.

So often we can get caught up in comparing ourselves to them, wishing we could be more like them, wanting a little piece of their world.

Maybe there’s someone at your office or who frequents the coffee shop that you spend time in ~ you’ve watched them and know they have something special going on.

Whoever that person is that you admire, find a way this week to reach out to them.  Connect with them, know them in a real way.

The key here is “in a real way.”   Don’t just like their status on facebook, send them an email sharing who you are, what you love about them, ask them a question, offer to help them with something they are working on.  Make a real connection.  If you know their phone number, call them up, just to say hi.  Introduce yourself.  Share your dreams and visions with them.

Trust me, these people will love the gesture.  They will appreciate YOU for taking the time and reaching out.  They, too, love connections and they like to know that what they are doing in the world is making a difference.

Who do you admire and think is amazing?

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