My Aunt died yesterday.  She’s my great aunt actually and I didn’t really know her very well until last year.

Last summer we spent a long weekend together for a family reunion, sharing stories, deep from the heart kind of stories and I fell in love with this amazing woman who is the sister to my late grandfather.

Aunt Bonny was this radiant soul who cared for people deeply.  She was with her wife for 25 or so years, both out lesbians since they became one, both working for the public school system.  COURAGE!  They worked hard to fight for gay rights and to make a difference in big and small ways in their community.

Sitting with my aunt, hearing her tell me their story and sharing with me about her life, I was so blown away by the way that she lived:  with love, courage, humility, compassion, beauty and grace.  I left our reunion so happy that this woman was of my blood and that I got to know her and her wife the way family should know each other: seeing each other for who we really are and cherishing that deeply.

Thanks to facebook, after our time together, I got to know both of these awesome women more.  To see them speak out about things that matter to them, to see them share their love for each other and this great big, giant love affair with life.  WOW!  Bold living and such inspiration!

I can’t even really express how awed I became of my aunt and her wife.  Two magical spirits living life in a big way.

And then, we got the news.  The C word.  Just 6 or 7 months later, she is gone.

The last few weeks, I have gotten to see what a true champion for humanity my aunt was.  Even on her death bed, waiting to let go, she did so with courage and love and grace.  I’m sure there were ugly moments, but I know, without question that her unbelievable spirit shone through every step of the way.

And so did the big love held in the heart of my Aunt Jan, her wife.  We should all be so lucky to have someone at our side in our final days, loving us the way Jan loved Bonny.  Breathtaking.   Goose bump worthy.  What love stories are made of.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because as I sit here coming to terms with her death, it’s making me think about life and LIVING.

Or more accurately, how we live and the legacy that we leave behind.

I’m sure that my aunt was not perfect.  She made mistakes and pissed people off and stubbornly did her own thing.  I’m sure she rocked a boat or two.

But what is remarkable now is seeing this huge tidal wave of love that is stirring me to the core… people sharing the impact my aunt had on their lives, the love they have for her, the way she inspired and touched people.

She lived life in a way that made a difference, that made an impact.  She lived courageously, she stood for things that mattered to her and spoke out about them.  And most importantly, she loved with a big heart.  Only she knows the answer to this, but my guess is that she lived completely true to herself.

And isn’t that what it’s all about?  Living in a way that is true, that matters, that celebrates what is possible as we go about our day to day living?

So, today, in honor of my beautiful aunt, I ask you to go live YOUR truth, live in a big way, stand for things, take bold action, open your heart a wee bit wider, and don’t settle for just going through the motions.

Live your dreams.

Today, not someday.  Get started.  We don’t know how much longer we have here.

Just last summer my aunt was jumping on the trampoline, swinging on a swing over a river and spending quiet precious moments making nature art projects with my kids.  And now she is gone.

So, please, I beg you.  Stop waiting, stop trying to figure things out and stop trying to be perfect.  And please stop waiting for your courage.  Just go for it and trust that the courage will come.

LIVE!!  Live your life in a way that will leave a giant tidal wave of people talking about you after you pass on.  But don’t do it for me or my aunt or all those people that will be talking about you, do it for YOU!!

Go live your life in way that inspires YOU and that will surely inspire those around you.

I am going to miss my aunt terribly.  My heart aches for her wife, who loves her in such a gorgeous way.  But I am also grateful that she is here with me, her blood flows through my veins, we are family.  And her spirit will live on in the way I go about my day to day living, making my own difference in the big and small ways.

Right now, take a moment and think about your life.  What impact do you want to make?  What do you want to leave behind?  Write it down, share it and most importantly go live it.

For me.. this is what my life is about:  Bold living, truth and profound love.

xo, Lisa


I can’t let the day go by without writing a new year post.

Happy New Year!!!!

I love this time of year… the anticipation and excitement of creating a new year, it’s exciting!  There is something about that clean slate feeling that leaves me feeling hopeful and hungry for new things.  Does it do that to you?  Or do you get sick of all the over-zealousness and bombardment of newness?

Either way: if you are excited or over it… the new year is here.  And, in honor of that, I would like to invite you to 2 different free events that I’ve created to help you set your year up to be amazing.    And not just amazing.. mind blowing and game changing.  I want your 2013 to be THE YEAR that you will look back on and go “oh yeah!  that year changed my life.”


I think that this where the new year gets a bit of a bad rap… because so many of us start the year full of hope and promise and commitment – wanting to make big stuff happen that we haven’t yet, only this time.. THIS time!!  We are going to do it.

And then we don’t.  Or we do sort of, until the newness of new years fades away and we are left with life being back to business is usual.  I know that happens to me sometimes.  I get all gung ho about stuff and my new habits or projects or initiatives just don’t STICK.

But, I have learned ways around that.. I’ve got powerful ways to have new stuff STICK so I can accomplish the stuff that really, truly inspires me. 

That’s what these two events are about.. they aren’t about resolutions or making a bright and shiny new todo list.  Nope.  That stuff doesn’t work.

What I want to give you are tools that will help you to CREATE your year in a way that it sticks and you feel COMPELLED to take action..  so you can live a life that you really, truly love.

These calls are about LIVING, not just dreaming.

The first call will be about life stuff:  your family, health, finances, your home, creativity and all the other soulful juicy stuff that has you love your life.

The second call is about your business (for those that work for yourself) – we will explore the impact your business is going to make this year and how to accomplish those big goals that inspire and scare you at the same time.   We’re talking about having your business be everything you dream it to be and then some.

To register for one or both of those calls: click this link.   They are free, will be recorded and will make a difference. A big difference.  My gift to you this new years.

A happiest of happy new years to you!

I hope you accomplish all your big and small dreams, that you experience life in a delicious way, that you grow and learn and become who you’ve always wanted to be.  I wish for you tons of love, big giant belly laughs, sweet tender moments, inspiration that feeds your soul, creativity oozing out of you, deep heartfelt connections, crazy adventures and that you experience this year as a miracle.

xo, Lisa

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Here in the US, we celebrated Thanksgiving last week and that pretty much blasts us off into full on holiday mode.

The holidays can bring out the crazy in all of us really quick: from just being so busy we could scream, to seeing family that brings up disappointment and frustration, to just trying to fight the pull into the commercial buy-buy-buy mentality.

I think this time of year just naturally stirs the pot and shakes up the status quo. Alot is expected from us. And alot of that expectation is pressure we put on ourselves to create the “perfect holiday” for our kiddos.

But, this time of year can also be very magical ~ getting us in touch with how much we love our families and feeling the goodness happening all around.

I find that when I take the time – it doesn’t have to be a LONG period of time, just a few minutes does the trick – when I take time to set an intention for the holidays, it makes a BIG difference in what I experience, what happens and how everyone around me feels about the holiday season.

Last year, I didn’t do this. I was kinda depressed about Christmas. It was the first year of not being with my kids and I turned into a big bah humbug! I wasn’t even going to get a tree – I was so anti-Christmas. My sister helped me though, she gave me a figurative slap on the face, basically saying I needed to wake up and get in the spirit. And I did, sort of. But I know my efforts were half-assed.

I’m not sharing that with you to make myself feel guilty about how things went down, but to illustrate the difference that setting an intention can make. I know, without a doubt, that if I HAD created an intention for the holidays last year, they would have been very different.

I always take the time to do this, I have for many many years and even when things are “good” in life, it just makes celebrating so much better. That’s how I know that when things are not so good, creating an intention can make a big impact and shift how things go.

So, how do you create an intention for your holidays?

It’s actually pretty simple:

  1. Take a moment to be still.  Take a breath and get present to your life.
  2. Think about your family and those that you love and how much they matter to you.
  3. Imagine what the most magical, special, memorable holiday season would be like for you this year.
  4. What will your kids, you and those around you remember about this year?
  5. Then, jot down a few words that capture the essence of what you just imagined.
    For me, I wrote:  magic, awe and love.
  6. Next is to pull that together into a sentence that is easy to remember and captures what it is you want to experience over the holidays.
    This is mine:  This year I am going to bring magic into everything I do such that we get to live in awe and feel deeply loved.  
  7. Write out your intention and put it up where you will see it often.  Say it out loud to yourself, share it with your mate and other family members.  Talking about your intention is the best way to keep it alive and have it impact how things go.

I promise you that if you do this it will make such a huge difference in how you experience the holiday season.  You will create awesome memories, feel less stress and just enjoy things more.    Try it and let me know how it works for you!

Peace and love,

I know not everyone is celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow, but I truly believe that taking a moment to stop and be grateful, to look at our lives and celebrate the things that make our lives awesome is one of the most important things we can do to cultivate a happy, fulfilled life.

At midnight last night, I was lying in bed, thinking about what’s making me happy right now and I couldn’t go to sleep until I dragged myself out of bed to write this list of gratitude:

**I’m thankful for ideas that keep me up at night and gentle reminders that come from surprising places to keep on going.

**I’m thankful for connecting with people, seeing who they are and what they dream about and feeling my own soul get inspired and say to them: YES!

**I’m thankful for the role I get to play as witness to the delightful imagination of my kids.  I love to discover more about what makes them tick.

**I’m thankful for the chance to chat with other mothers, to share our stories and our fears and to know that I have found sisters that I never knew I needed beyond the one amazing sister I already have.

**I’m thankful for kindness and watching others reach out and be interested in other people.  It makes me know without question that there is good happening in the world.

**I’m thankful for the sun and the wind and waiting for snow while enjoying some warmth.

**I’m thankful for family – both the blood kind who I know are always there backing me up, no matter what — but also for the family of friends and dreamers and do-gooders that I get to know and celebrate the joys of living with.

**I’m thankful that I have this moment to make a difference and to share and inspire people to live their lives in magical ways.

**I’m thankful that there are people in the world who care about living life in a powerful way and aren’t willing to settle or live life asleep.

**I’m thankful for motherhood in all it’s forms – whether we’re birthing our children or our ideas, it’s a very cool moment that every person on the planet should get to experience.

**I’m thankful for a heart full of love and the courage to experience and feel it shaping every moment of my life.

And I’m thankful for you.  For letting me in to share my dreams and letting me help you to realize yours.

Life is a pretty groovy thing and we are all very lucky to get to be here, right now.

Much, much love to you, your children and your families, may this moment fill you up with goodness.

xo, Lisa




As I was writing yesterday’s post about how I found my business mojo again, I kept wanting to go off on a tangent about the difference that REALLY loving your online home makes in how much you love your business.

So I decided to devote an entire post to it, because I think it’s so important.

These days, you do need a website if you’re going to run a business. It doesn’t matter if your business is a “local” business that markets and works with customers face to face. People want to look you up. They want to know a little  about you before they decide if they want to do business with you.

If YOU don’t love your website, chances are the kind of customers that you most want to work with aren’t going to love it either.

And this other thing happens when you don’t love your online space: you won’t want to hang out there. It will get outdated, stagnant and won’t accurately express who you are and what your business is all about.

That, for sure, happened to me here at Visionary Mom. I wasn’t PROUD and excited about what I’m doing here, which sent me down a vicious cycle of not focusing on my business, things slowing down and me not wanting to work on building things up again.

You know how it is when you put an outfit on that you’ve had for a long time that doesn’t really fit you that great, is sort of worn out, and makes you feel dowdy? You know how it makes you feel tired and frumpy and just ugh?

Well, having a website that is “worn out” will drag you down in a very similar way.

And the same way that a super sassy outfit can make you feel sexy, happy and BOLD, a website spruce up can wake up your business sassy and inspire you to share your vision with the world.

I can so vouch for this from my own experience. I love my new online home. I want to invite people over and have them hang out with me here. It makes me excited to be in business again!!

So what can YOU do to fall in love with your online home?

Here are 3 Things To Get You Started….

1.  Clean House: 

Clutter will steal your thunder faster than pretty much anything. It will weigh you down and make your website feel muddy.

Take an hour or so to tidy things up. If you have outdated offerings, get rid of them. Loose some of the junk on your side bar. Simplify your navigation. Eliminate some of the bells and whistles that don’t really do anything except add noise.

Simple is ALWAYS better. Working in a clean and tidy space will give you energy and make room for new stuff to happen.

2.  Splatter Your VISION Everywhere:

Is what you stand for and what you believe in loud and clear with every aspect of your website?  Would someone who visits know exactly what it is you do, how you can help them and why YOU would be the best person for the job?

Take a look at your site and think about ideal client.  Would they feel at home and get an immediate feeling that you are speaking their language and that you could really help them with whatever it is that they need – whether that’s the perfect piece of jewelry for an upcoming wedding, advice for how to grow their business, or a massage therapist that can fix a chronic ailment.

If you discover that your vision is not very clear or is not loud enough, then start working to bring your voice into your website.  I think many of us get stuck trying to do things that we see other people doing instead of doing what WE would do.

3.  Add Images, But Not Too Many

Splashes of color can really make your website pop, especially if they are images that you love, that communicate your vibe and passion and vision of your business.  Think of it like hanging art on the walls of your home.  If you just threw up any old picture to fill the space you wouldn’t really love walking into that room.  But if you hung a piece of art that totally made your soul sing you would want to hang out in that room lots.

Same thing with your website, if you love the imagery that you put out there, you will love your online space so much more and want to hang out there more often and invite people to visit.

Just don’t add too much!  Remember that simple is always better.


There are, obviously, a ton of things you can do to spruce up your website, but these 3 tips should help you get started.  The best advice I can give you is to be true to yourself and your vision, have that be what drives the look, feel and content of your website.  Share your voice and your passion as loudly as possible and you can’t go wrong. 

If you are feeling really stuck about what to do to improve your website, I can help!  I am offering for a limited time Website Reviews for super crazy cheap.

For just $39 I will put together an in depth report with my impressions and ideas of how to make your website rock – stuff you can do yourself without hiring a designer.  Get yours now –>




Welcome to the new face of Visionary Mom!

I have been working for MONTHS to create this new space. And here’s why….

This past year, I’ve been working with clients alot to help them find their vision and purpose in the world and then advising them on how to turn that into a Visionary Business that inspires them. I’ve done business start up coaching, pow-wow calls to find that one big, awesome idea and have dove into the world of officially doing website design.

Over and over I kept hearing myself say these words (or some version of them):

Be who YOU are, don’t be like other people, have your vibe be all over everything that you do. Marketing is way more easy if you are just being yourself, then you can speak from the heart and share your vision from an authentic place…

And what kept being there in my own face, wanting to be confronted, was how much I was not in love with Visionary Mom anymore. I was feeling burnt out, uninspired and was contemplating throwing in the towel.

It’s probably not a big huge surprise to hear that if you have been following along for any length of time. I just have not been around much, I get to things when I can, and my creativity has been weak.

If I were to tell the truth, I’ve been sad.  And work has been hard.  It’s difficult to coach people to love their lives when I’m not loving mine.

And then I started a brand new program about six months ago: The Visionary Mom Business Start Up. There is this cool thing that happens when I’m teaching a course – *I* am in it just as much as the participants are. So, over the past 6 months, I have done all the steps that the team was doing.

And the biggest shift for me was when I reworked my VISION for my business and I got really, super duper clear about WHO I AM in this business and what I want to gift to the world.  I started to come alive again and wanted to recreate my business so that is 100% reflected who I am and what I stand for.

And my old website was just not cutting it! You see, I am bold and energetic and loud and wildly passionate.  The old site was BORING, safe, and quiet.  I think I was trying to convey a “professional” vibe so people would take me seriously.

Which is super crazy and against everything I tell my clients.  Trying to be something you are not is a slow, sad death to your own passions, creativity and JOY!

Don’t get me wrong.  I know that I have to be professional as a business owner, but *I* get to define what that is.  For me, it’s about taking care of my people, making sure that they are truly shining in their lives.  And to do that, I have a tendency to be loud and bold and I will likely swear along the way.  The constrained, polished professional is so not me.  I am messy and raw and that’s what makes me effective!

So I knew I had to redo everything. My offerings, the colors, the vibe and my MESSAGE, which is this:

YOU can create a business and life that you really, truly love.

Now, that may be a simple statement, I know. But what is not simple is my deep, passionate commitment to make sure that you get it and that you live it.

And I’m not messing around about this. Settling for a safe, comfortable life is just not allowed in these parts.

If you want to create a life that inspires the shit out of you, then I’m your gal!! :)

This whole process has given me the chance to find myself again.. my voice, my love for people and the fun and joy I have making a difference. Seeing women come alive, fueled by big dreams and taking courageous action, it makes me so fucking giddy.

I wanted my website to reflect that: the FUN, the BOLDNESS, the WILD, the FREEDOM, the KOOKY.. the excitement that happens when we go for it!! I feel like this space is now ME. It communicates the energy I have and the silliness.  And I hope it conveys my love for what I do, which I have found again.

So please, take a look around and let me know what you think. Share your dreams and your passions with me. Hopefully we can work together in big and small ways to make life here on earth a more fun and exciting place to be.

Much, much love,


Want a big, bad ass dose of courage?  Please join me for a FREE training call about Facing Your Fears this Thursday.  Details here.