Other (fun) Ways to Take Care Of Yourself

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I didn’t mean for my last post to be so heavy, but I do think it is important, so don’t ignore what I said.  😉

Doing stuff like going to the doctor when we are feeling something off in our bodies is for sure one way to practice self care, but I think there are lots of other ways to take care of yourself that are fun and easy, but will also do wonders in how you feel.

Here is a short list of ideas to get you started…

  1. Take a really long, super hot candle lit bubble bath.
  2. Set up a huge pile of art supplies for your kiddos and then let yourself dive on in.  Have a blast making stuff just because.
  3. Go walk outside in your bare feet.  Even for just a few minutes  if it is super crazy cold – give yourself a chance to connect with mother earth.
  4. Spend a few moments breathing loud.  Ever taken a yoga class where they encourage to make some noise while you breathe?  Give yourself permission to try it at home.  Get your kids involved and have fun with it.
  5. Along those same lines, a fun thing to do with your kids, that gets your blood flowing and has you connect with the wild woman inside of you is to explore animals.  Have your kids pick an animal and everyone gets to spend a few minutes being that animal.  Move around like a sexy snake, roar like a lion, hop like a kangaroo.  Let yourself go and just feel the animal spirit celebrating life through you.
  6. Turn the music way up and have an impromptu dance party in your living room.
  7. Journal.  A little every day goes a long way.  I am always amazed by the power of journaling.  Those few minutes with my own thoughts are really valuable.
  8. Grab your camera, go outside and have a shoot your neighborhood day.  If you just let yourself wander and see and discover, you might surprise yourself by what you find.  And you don’t need a fancy camera to do this, perfect photos is not the point!
  9. Go find a big, giant hill and roll down it.
  10. Go to bed early.  Forget the dishes, the stuff on your todo list or anything else you were saving to do once the munchkins were snoozing.  Instead, join them.  Turn in early.  And don’t feel one ounce of guilt for doing it.
  11. Brush and floss your teeth in the middle of the day.   Mmmm, that feels good!
  12. Write a thank you note to someone for making a difference in your life.  Then send it, snail mail.

What else?  What are some fun ways you make sure you are taking care of yourself?

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