One Of The Biggest Secrets To Living A Phenomenal Life…

If you want to live an amazing, inspired, visionary life, here is one thing that will make a huge difference:

Tend to the space that you live from.

Say what?! Here’s what I mean…

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Everyday, with everything that you do… you do it inside of SPACE. Another way of thinking about it is the background that colors and shapes your life.

We don’t live in a vacuum. We live in the space around us.

Whatever is in that space around you, it shapes how life goes, what you experience and how you feel. And, our thinking determines the kind of space that we get to live from.

Some examples:

A very poor, homeless woman, struggling on the streets very likely lives in a space/background of “life is hard, this sucks, so unfair, there is nothing I can do.”

A creative mama who takes pictures all day and shares the stories of her life on a beautiful, fun blog most likely lives inside the space/background of “Life if beautiful, what’s happening right now that I can capture and share?, oooooh that’s a great blog post!”

An overwhelmed, totally exhausted, no time for herself mama who has zero energy to work on fun stuff might live in the space of “I’m so tired, I need sleep, my kids are driving me crazy, I wish I had more energy.”


The thinking about your life – the stuff that’s in the background – absolutely effects how life goes for you!


So, to create a life that you love, that fulfills and excites you.. you have to tend to the background space that you live your life from.

If you want to live a more creative life, you have to think from living creativity.

If you want to grow your amazing small biz, you have to think from a kick ass business owner’s point of view.

If you want to set up a beautiful home for your family, you have to think about what that means and be hunting for ways to make your living space more beautiful.

Dwelling on the junk and feeling sorry for yourself will just give you more of the junk.

Thinking about possibilities and dreams, sets up a space around yourself that allows for those dreams to come true.

Yes, you still have to take action, make plans and get to work on those ridiculously cool plans of yours but…

If the space you do all that inside is funky -“no magic, life is hard, poor me” kind of thinking – even the best laid plan are likely to fail.

So, to create a fab life, tend to the space that you are living inside. Are you inspired? Are you thinking as if this great life you imagine is really happening? Are you CEO thinking about the projects you’re working on?

Whatever is in the background will shape the foreground.

So… nourish those background thoughts you’re having!

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