New Year Strategy Sessions

Happy, happy New Year!!

Are you feeling the buzz of a fresh new year and all the excitement and anticipation that comes from starting something new?

I know I am.. lots of new ideas, things I want to accomplish, ways I want to grow and make an impact in the world.

There has been lots of sitting with my notebook and pen brainstorming what it is exactly that I want to accomplish.

What about you?

Do you know what you want to make happen in this new year?

Are you ready to start that new business?  Or grow your current one?  Maybe you want to shift gears and offer up something new?

Have you made a pact with yourself to be more creative?  To live more passionately?  To stop settling?  To go for it a bit more?

Whatever it is that you want to accomplish…

Do you know HOW you’re going to make that happen? 

Do you have a plan?  Can you see the path that will lead you to where you want to go?

Do you feel confident on that path?  Does it push you forward, making you want to get in action?

One of the things I’m bringing forth in the new year is a new methodology for making big stuff happen.  It’s not really new, it’s what I have always done when working with coaching clients, but what IS new is the clarity I have around it.

I’ve created a brand new, very specific formula for making YOUR big stuff happen. 

I’ve clarified what it takes to live a big, bold, magical life.  I know exactly what to do and how to make those inspiring dreams and goals happen.  I also know how to stick to things, follow through, and get your butt in gear. 

Isn’t that what you want more than anything in the world?  To be able to get your butt in gear so you can make happen all you dream up?

Well, that is what I want to teach you in the new year..  how to DREAM BIG, make a plan for those dreams and then take bold, courageous action to make those dreams a reality.

And that’s where my newly created “Visionary Living Formula” comes in.

It is a 5 step formula for making big stuff happen.  For producing results and for living a happy, fulfilled life that makes an impact in the world.

Want to learn the formula and start applying it to your life?

Well, I am offering to you a FREE 45 minute training/strategy session to help you create what you want to make happen in 2012.

In this free session, I will help you find or clarify your big picture vision for the year.

Then we’ll look at your specific goals and map out a plan for how you can achieve those goals and be the most awesome YOU that you can possibly be.

We’ll also dive into some of the things that scare or worry you about taking action and being consistent with whatever there is to do.

And finally, you will leave the call with some very specific action steps that will get the ball rolling in a way that will create some RESULTS and momentum right away.

Kind of awesome, huh?

Want to spend 45 minutes creating your vision for 2012 with me?

Want to find out more about The Visionary Living Formula and how to apply it to your life?

Then grab yourself a FREE strategy session!!

All you  have to do to schedule this free call is send me email and we’ll set up a time that works for both of us.

Here’s the deal though…  I am only going to be offering these over the next 2 weeks before I start back up with school AND I only have a limited number of slots..  sooooo first come, first serve!!

Just send me an email to schedule your free training/strategy call with me right now.  

Here’s to you having the most kick butt, fantabulous year EVER!!

xo, Lisa