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Today, we get to hear from Nina Gilbert….

My truth is that my life is messy.  Messy and beautiful, all rolled into one poop-smeared parcel of love.  My kids are wild and free  The older two fight and drive me crazy, and my husband leaves his socks and dirty tissues all over our bedroom floor.  I drink too much coffee to get through the day.  The youngest likes to eat dirt and run around naked most of the time…which I guess is why a whole bunch of the things in my life are literally poop-smeared.

My house is barely clean (see all those dried sippy cup milk stains all over my wooden floors?), all our clothes are stained, sometimes I leave the laundry wet in the machine for too long and it gets that funky smell, I use wet pieces of toilet paper to spot clean, my kids eat mac and cheese lots of nights a week, and I roll into bed at around 7pm, exhausted, depleted, and happy.  How’s that for truth?

Which brings me to the core of my truth-  I am happy.  I would not change anything about my life if I could.  I wouldn’t want the clean house, the freshly-washed kids and laundry, the shiny new things.  We are a messy, happy tribe, and we know how to love each other.  And some day, every day, that is enough.  The love at the core of our beings, at the core of our family, is what it all comes down to.

nina gilbert, aka “nina beana”, is a mama, a crafter, a self-taught artist, a massage therapist, and a doula.  she loves to play with color, vintage ephemera, children’s books, acrylics.  she’s also mighty fond of polaroids and photobooth strips.  nina loves to take pictures of bright, beautiful things that make her happy.  you can find her waxing poetic on the power of positive thinking, entertaining the masses in her cozy home, or being climbed on by her three wild children.  find out more about nina beana here: and

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