My Truth About Planning

I love planning. It is my thing.

Give me an idea and a pad of paper and I am in heaven!

Now, I know planning may not seem very exciting to you, but here is what I love about plans…

Really, not much happens in life without a good plan. Yes, miracles and good luck and cool things DO happen sometimes. But, you don’t have much control over all of that do you? So, what about those things you WANT to make happen? Waiting for a miracle or good luck just is not going to carry the day in most cases.

Most people fall into one of 2 camps about planning:

The planning lovers and the avoiders/haters/anti-planners.

The avoider/hater/anti-planning camp breaks down even further. There is a whole spectrum of people who don’t plan and they all have their own reasons why they don’t. From not wanting to be “boxed in” and needing to feel spontaneous to those that get overwhelmed about planning to those who want to plan but don’t really know how.

Well, planning is NOT a scary evil that should be avoided at all costs.

Planning = Freedom!

Can you tell that I fall into the pro-planning group of peeps? That’s because I have seen planning work with hundreds and hundreds of people. Even those who feel like they can’t plan or avoid it all costs.

Planning, and planning well, gives you access to making things happen faster and easier than working without a plan. In fact, planning will give you MORE time and MORE freedom.

Yes, that’s right… more time and more freedom. We all want that, right?

Here is why planning makes such a big difference…

You know how it is when you have something important you want to accomplish, something big? And you have all these details and all these things you want to make happen, you know how FULL your mind is? And when your mind is full, have you ever noticed how it is more difficult to focus?

When you sit down to work on some aspect of your project, you think of tons of other things that need to be done and it is super easy to bounce from one idea to another, never really getting any thing done. So the time you spend working on your project ends up being unproductive.

If, however, you have a really good plan that leaves you knowing that you have every piece of the puzzle accounted for, then when you sit down to get some work done, your mind is free!  You can be focused on the task at hand – your mind is not all over the place – so you can work efficiently and with focus.  Your time spent working is productive.

This usually leaves you with MORE TIME on your hands because you can get things done so much faster.

I used to plan weddings and if you have ever planned a wedding, you know that there are a million little pieces that need to be done for the whole thing to come together. My job, as a wedding planner, was to plan out the whole process so the bride and groom could focus on the little pieces without being too overwhelmed by the big picture.

The last couple I worked with often said to me how freaked out everyone around them was because they were so calm, totally not frantic. The whole process was easy and smooth, even when we ran into situations that were “not in the plan” – we were able to focus and get all the little hiccups resolved with ease.

That is why having a good plan is such a good idea.. it helps you enjoy the ride and the process vs. being worried about the end result.

I was recently totally not following my own advice about planning.

I was working “off the top of my head” here at Visionary Mom. I have SO MANY ideas and things I want to do here, that every time I would sit down to work.. overwhelm.

I would jump from writing one thing to another and nothing was getting completed. Well, not nothing, but for sure things were not getting done as quickly or as easily as I want them to. I had a loose plan of when I wanted to roll things out, but no clear path of how to get there.

I was noticing myself feeling overwhelmed. So, I sat down and made a plan. A thorough, complete plan for everything I want to do between now and the end of the summer. This was less than a week ago and already, I have way more power and freedom. Already, I have completed a bunch of work that has been hanging out unfinished for a good month or longer. I do not feel overwhelmed. At all. I feel excited and jazzed by all that I am doing here again. And things are happening…  And I am not stressed about it all.

So, why am I rambling on about all this planning stuff?

Because this is one of the new things I have been working on.. an e-course, designed for moms, to help them get organized, to help YOU get a plan going for whatever it is you are wanting to make happen. Whatever it is.

Make a Plan for Your Dreams: an e-Course to help you Get Started

So, whether you are wanting to start a new business, start making art again, redo your living room, make a difference in your community.. whatever it is YOU are dreaming about – this course will help you get started.

This course is not just for newbie planners, either.. it is also for those of you who are seasoned planners . I know that I am great at planning, but sometimes I need that support, especially when something really matters to me.. I get scared and nervous and that can cloud my ability to come up with a good plan.

And, if planning is something that totally stops you dead before you even get started, this course will help make the whole process easy. Super easy. This is what I am good at. I’ve worked with literally hundreds of people to get from where ever they are to where they want to be. And they do it. And, it’s not hard.

This is the first time that I will be putting on a group e-course and I am super excited about it. The chance to be with other moms, who are up to something, who have dreams and ideas, who want to make those dreams come true, is one of the coolest things about being together as a group. We all get to learn from each other, share ideas and get that awesome support you can only get when you are doing something in a community.

Want more details about the course?

You can read more about the Make a Plan e-course here.

The course starts on April 19th and will run for 4 weeks. I hope you can join us. It will be lots of fun and extremely productive!

It’s time to get started on your big dream, dontcha think?

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