My New Years Gift and Wish For You

I can’t let the day go by without writing a new year post.

Happy New Year!!!!

I love this time of year… the anticipation and excitement of creating a new year, it’s exciting!  There is something about that clean slate feeling that leaves me feeling hopeful and hungry for new things.  Does it do that to you?  Or do you get sick of all the over-zealousness and bombardment of newness?

Either way: if you are excited or over it… the new year is here.  And, in honor of that, I would like to invite you to 2 different free events that I’ve created to help you set your year up to be amazing.    And not just amazing.. mind blowing and game changing.  I want your 2013 to be THE YEAR that you will look back on and go “oh yeah!  that year changed my life.”


I think that this where the new year gets a bit of a bad rap… because so many of us start the year full of hope and promise and commitment – wanting to make big stuff happen that we haven’t yet, only this time.. THIS time!!  We are going to do it.

And then we don’t.  Or we do sort of, until the newness of new years fades away and we are left with life being back to business is usual.  I know that happens to me sometimes.  I get all gung ho about stuff and my new habits or projects or initiatives just don’t STICK.

But, I have learned ways around that.. I’ve got powerful ways to have new stuff STICK so I can accomplish the stuff that really, truly inspires me. 

That’s what these two events are about.. they aren’t about resolutions or making a bright and shiny new todo list.  Nope.  That stuff doesn’t work.

What I want to give you are tools that will help you to CREATE your year in a way that it sticks and you feel COMPELLED to take action..  so you can live a life that you really, truly love.

These calls are about LIVING, not just dreaming.

The first call will be about life stuff:  your family, health, finances, your home, creativity and all the other soulful juicy stuff that has you love your life.

The second call is about your business (for those that work for yourself) – we will explore the impact your business is going to make this year and how to accomplish those big goals that inspire and scare you at the same time.   We’re talking about having your business be everything you dream it to be and then some.

To register for one or both of those calls: click this link.   They are free, will be recorded and will make a difference. A big difference.  My gift to you this new years.

A happiest of happy new years to you!

I hope you accomplish all your big and small dreams, that you experience life in a delicious way, that you grow and learn and become who you’ve always wanted to be.  I wish for you tons of love, big giant belly laughs, sweet tender moments, inspiration that feeds your soul, creativity oozing out of you, deep heartfelt connections, crazy adventures and that you experience this year as a miracle.

xo, Lisa

Sign up for either of those free classes mentioned above here. 



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