Mommy Martyr Syndrome (Disguised as Trying to Be Super Mom)

We are all guilty.

There are things that we want to do, that we wish we had time for, that we hope to get to someday.

But, right now, we are busy taking care of our children, our husbands, our homes. There is just SO much to do and not enough time in the day to get it all done.  We are working hard to become super mom.

So, our dreams can wait.

We will get to them, really we will. Maybe if we could just get a little more organized, or if we could wake ourselves up a few hours earlier, or we can stay up really late plugging away into the wee hours.   Mommy doesn’t need sleep does she?

We all do this.

To varying degrees, but every single mom I have ever talked to about this admits to putting off things that are for us because we are taking care of things for everyone else.

And most moms I talk to say they feel guilty about that. Which is CRAZY! I mean, really?! As a mom, I am supposed to feel bad for wanting to do something that is fun and inspires me? There really is a cultural thing out there that says us moms have to sacrifice it all to be a good mom, to really be there for our children.

Then, there are the moms who are not really feeling guilty, but are busy justifying that it is okay to put off personal fulfillment because we are taking care of our kids (and they won’t stay young forever, right?)

I think it is time that we put an end to being mommy martyrs.

Because, really, we are ripping our kids off by not doing what makes us happy. Is that what we want to teach our children (especially our daughters)? That is is okay to be unhappy, to put off our dreams, to wait for someday to live a life that we love?

Now, I do realize that it is not so easy to break out of this.

But, what is one thing – one thing – that you can do today that is just for you?  One thing that makes you feel awesome, powerful, and happy.  Go do that.  The dishes can wait.

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