Money Mindset Makeover: Day 9

The exchange of money is such a gift!

You get to help people with your business and they get to contribute TO YOU and your family’s livelihood!

We have an opportunity to be in the world, making a difference and making an impact with our ideas, products and services.

You are such a huge contribution and BEING that contribution for people is your ticket to making more money.

I think that it’s time for you to start playing a bigger game – to put yourself (and your business) out there in a bigger way.

Doing so is what’s going to have make WAY more money.

Watch today’s lesson:

Get in ACTION:

Write down what would be a bigger game for you.

What if you were really putting yourself out there, shining your light, making a difference and being a bad ass visionary business woman?

What would be a big deal for you – what are your REAL business dreams?

Don’t play small here.. the idea is to SHINE and be wild – be BOLD.

Tomorrow..  how to have this stick, so you can consistently live your new financial reality.

xo, Lisa