Money Mindset Makeover: Day 7

Now that you have something NEW to say about WHO YOU ARE about money.. .

It’s time to start sharing your new reality with the world.

We are always talking about our business, money matters, our dreams and what we want to make happen.

What you say about all that stuff makes a big difference about the reality you live in. We talked this a couple of days ago.

What you share with people, what you tell them, how you speak about your financial life and the your life as a business owner makes a big impact on what actually starts happening in your business.

If you keep your new vision small and contained and don’t share it with the world, chances are..  that new reality isn’t going to happen and you will find yourself having the old conversations that make you feel crummy and don’t have you SHINE.

Watch today’s lesson for more about Living Out Loud:

Get in ACTION:

Go find 3 people and have a NEW conversation with them about money.

Don’t talk about the hard stuff and all the stuff that’s not working.

Share your vision about money.  Talk about how you’re seeing new ways that money can contribute and new ways that women can be bold and awesome when it comes to money.

Start living out loud and putting something new out in the world!

We’ll talk more about this tomorrow..  see you then.

xo, Lisa