Money Mindset Makeover: Day 6

Let’s talk about creating a new reality about money.

Yesterday we talked about how the easiest way to shift gears about your financial reality was to stop to talking about all the things that aren’t working with your finances.

Now, let’s talk about saying something different.

Say something powerful and bold!

As women and mothers, we have a huge opportunity to make a really big difference in the world.   Not only with our little pumpkins, but with all the other women and mothers that we encounter.

Who we are about money can shape the BIGGER conversation out there in the world about women and money.

If we keep complaining, playing small and holding back, then things will just keep being hard.

BUT!  what if we take a stand, make a commitment and start talking about money in a way that has us all rise up and be way more amazing in the business world?

What if we start saying things like:

“Making money is easy.”

“My business makes a difference in the world and I get to support my family doing something I love.”

“I earn a ton of money, get to do the things I want to do and get to contribute in ways that matter to me.”

“I love it when people pay me!  I get to contribute to them and they get to thank me by making my life financially easier.”

Watch today’s lesson to explore this idea further:


Get in ACTION:

Create a vision statement about WHO YOU ARE about money.

Who do you want to be as a financially abundant being?  

What kind of impact do you want to make about who WE are, as women, as mothers – about money?

What kind of a difference does money make in the world?

What is a VERY awesome – brand new way that YOU could start thinking about money in the world?

Create a new reality for yourself about who you are about money.

I will see you tomorrow!

xo, Lisa