Money Mindset Makeover: Day 5

Now that you have done the hard work of OWNING the reality of your financial world – it’s time for your first HOT TIP!

You ready?

“Everything in life is a function of the conversations you have about it.”

Say what?

Basically, it’s like this:

If your marriage isn’t working and you keep talking about what an ass your husband is, guess what?  All he can be is an ass.

If you hate where you live and are always talking about the things that suck about your town, you will never EVER fall in love with where you live.

If you super suck at managing your finances and all you ever talk about is how hard it is, how you will always be poor, etc.. yep, you will always be poor.

People that are KICK ASS with money have very powerful conversations about it.

People with loving relationships talk about what they love and appreciate about their mate.

People who live amongst amazing people, who are inspiring and doing cool things are OFTEN talking about ways to thrive and make a difference.

People who are healthy and vital, they are talking about being healthy, eating well, and exercising.  They aren’t talking about how fat they feel.

Watch today’s lesson to dive into this more:

Get in ACTION:

Stop talking about all the stuff that’s not working with your finances.

Notice all the junk that comes out of your mouth that is disempowering you and your financial world.

Take 10-15 minutes and write out all the complaints that you have about money and WHO you’re complaining to.

Then, start paying attention and notice when you have conversations that keep your finances not working!  As soon as you catch yourself, stop.  Just stop talking – say something else, change the subject,etc..

Try to not let the things you’ve been saying about money come out of your mouth!

Tomorrow, we’ll talk about saying something new and how that will make an impact in you earning more and thriving with your money.

xo, Lisa