Money Mindset Makeover: Day 4

How are you doing, my friend?

I know that it isn’t easy to tell the truth and face your fears about the money stuff in your life.

I also know that this can bring up ALOT of junk about how you aren’t good enough.

All that shoulda, woulda, coulda stuff that has us feel like crud because we SHOULD be doing so much better!

“I should be more responsible.”  

“I would be in a better place if I hadn’t done that stupid thing.”

“I could be so much further along if only my husband, blah, blah, blah.” 

All that stuff, my dear, is not the TRUTH.  It’s just the story you make up about how you’re doing and it doesn’t help!!

It just makes you feel worse.  The integrity work we did yesterday could VERY easily turn into a self inflicted punching bag that you use to beat yourself up.

But, please, don’t do that!

Today’s lesson is about losing the story and telling it like it is.  (this is a very powerful thing to do in ALL areas of life, BTW).. watch:

Get in ACTION:

Write out an EMPOWERING statement about your financial world –  Just.The.Facts.

Not the STORY!

Just write out what’s actually happening with your money – the truth.    Make a statement – like a state of affairs – about your money situation, as it is today.

Clarity and power comes from being able to speak the truth about what’s happening about your finances – without all the blah, blah, blah!

Today, we’re losing the story.    

See if you can write a couple of purely FACT based sentences about your financial world – how things are – today.  Without all the drama and the shoulda woulda coulda.

And then, OWN it.  That’s the reality.  That is what is really happening with your money.  Awesome!

Now, we can get to work making some magic happen.  That’s what happens when you put your big girl panties on and start owning your reality.

That’s when awesome starts to happen.

See you tomorrow, brave financial warrior!