The Money Mindset Makeover: Day 2

Yesterday I had you write down your financial dreams if things were thriving and working, what would your financial life be like?

Dreaming is AWESOME!  It tells us where we want to be and what we think might be possible for us.

But then there is REALITY!

The stuff that is hard and frustrating and scary – and when it comes to money – there tends to be a lot of worry.

The thing is, worry makes NO difference in you being more awesome with your money!!  It just makes you feel bad and keeps you playing small.

Still – it’s there, all that worry.   It gets in the way, making you bite your nails and wonder if all this business stuff is really worth it.

To get you from where you are now (the worry and overwhelm) to where you want to be (juicy, magical money making) – you have to start exactly where you are at – RIGHT NOW.

That’s what today’s video is about – telling the truth about how things are so you know your starting point.

Many of you will try to skip this step – I know you will!  

It’s not exactly fun and sunshine telling the truth about what worries us about our money situation.  But, pretending it is another way, or muscling your way to being “more responsible” isn’t going to help you create that ABUNDANT financial world that you crave.

So, let’s do this, shall we?

Get in ACTION:

Take 10-15 minutes to write down EVERYTHING that’s not working with your money.  All the stuff you avoid, the things you KNOW you should be doing to earn more, that you don’t.

Tell the truth about how you spend WAY more than what your budget allows, or you don’t even make a budget!

Tell the truth, come clean.  What’s not working with your finances?  What is the current state of things?  Write down all of your fears, worries and concerns.  Ready, set..  GO!

This one may be hard and even a little icky.  But DO IT, it will make a difference, I promise.  :)

See you tomorrow!