The Money Mindset Makeover: Day 1

Welcome to the Money Mindset Makeover 10 day challenge!

These 10 days are designed to give you short, easy to do exercises each day that will completely shift your thinking about making and earning money in your business and in your life!

BUT!  In order for this to work..  you have to do the exercises!!  :)

So, before you get your first lesson…  I would take a minute and GET COMMITTED.  That’s what today’s video is about: getting committed to a BRAND NEW relationship with money.

This short program WILL make a big, lasting difference.. IF you do the work.

My guess is that enough is enough is enough already…  it’s time.

  • Time to have a powerful relationship with money.
  • Time to start earning what you’re worth.
  • Time to feel GOOD about receiving payments from customers/clients.
  • Time to be PROUD that you are in this to make a living!
  • and Time to STOP WORRYING!

Money is a huge suckage for many of the women I know.  It messes with our self worth, it stresses us out, and can make us feel icky.

Well..  Enough of that, I say!!!!

Are you you ready…  for something WAY more powerful than just surviving and worrying?

Ok, let’s dive in with your first video:

Get in ACTION:

Take 10-15 minutes, write down what you REALLY want in your financial life.    If things were WORKING and you had COMPLETE FREEDOM..  what would your life be like?

Answer this question: If I REALLY started to THRIVE with my finances – money became easy, abundant and magical – this is what my life would be like…


See you in tomorrow’s video!

~ Lisa