Make Someday Happen NOW

Are there things you have been wishing for, hoping to make happen?

Do you have a dream that has been laying dormant in your heart, wanting to get out, but, for whatever reason, it is just not happening?

We all have these. Dreams that stay put as dreams. They don’t come to fruition, they don’t grow wings and take flight.

I know I have things I wish for, but never do anything with. Sewing clothes, making films, and telling stories are a few.

Then there are the dreams that I am working on. Taking pictures, living in an RV, making art with my kids.

So, what is the difference between the things that we are working on and the things we only dream about?

For some of us it is fear. Fear of not knowing, fear of whether or not we will be good at what we do, fear of failure.

Maybe it is the scary abyss of uncertainty or questioning yourself, not trusting.

For some of us, we are just not sure of where to begin, how to proceed, what to do. Where to start?

Other times it is pure laziness that gets in the way. We know what we want to do, we know what we want to do, but we are lazy about getting started.

So, what is your excuse? We all have them.

Are you satisfied with just dreaming?

Tell the truth about it. Sometimes it is more fun to dream than it is to get started. Getting started takes some work. Closing our eyes and dreaming takes very little except being present to what is in our heart.

But, isn’t it so much more fun to actually live the dream? To make it real and a part of who you are?

Yes, it can be scary, yes it might mean you have to turn the TV off and do something. Yes, you might fail and make a fool out of yourself.

But, at the end of your life, when you look back, wouldn’t you rather say.. I’m so glad I did it vs. I wish I had just tried?

I say this because I am hearing so much lately the words “I wish…” I hear myself say it and I hear YOU say it.

But, wishing for it, hoping to someday get to it, wanting the time or the money or whatever you think you need to begin is not going to carry the day.

You have to begin. Period. Don’t hang out in the dreaming stage for too long or that dream of yours may just blow away.

Stop wishing and start acting. It’s time to do something. Time to live your dreams. Time to allow what is in your heart to express itself. Do it, today. Don’t wait for someday.

What is it you dream about that you can move from someday to NOW?

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