Make An Impact in the World Today

What you do impacts the world.

Do you ever think about that? How your actions and choices make an impact, not only on the people around you, but on the entire world?

Well, what you do does impact everything around you.

If you are settling, not going after your dreams, merely surviving, going through the motions, then that is the message you send out into the world.

Our children learn from us and they will follow in our foot steps. So, how we are and WHO we are directly impacts them and their future.

But, what we do, who we are, the life we live extends far beyond them.

If you are ALIVE and passionate and beaming from deep in your heart, then wherever you go and whoever you talk to will get some of that awesomeness all over them. They will then take that spark and run with it in their own lives. You will leave an impact on them ~ it could be big or small, but you will leave an impact on them.  And you will probably never even get to know just what that impact was.

Who’s to say that your bright light shining in the world doesn’t inspire the young woman at the super market to go on to make a huge difference in the lives of children in Africa? Or that a mother in your playgroup will be so inspired by who you are that she brings a new consciousness to how she is raising he own children and one of her kiddos grows up to be president of the United States?

You have NO IDEA of the impact you make! Yes, these examples are big, but how do you know that something like this couldn’t happen?

Or, conversely, say you are grumpy and in a fowl mood, which make you be rude to someone at the bank. You don’t mean to be, but the black clouds of doom are following you every where you go. And they stick around with the bank teller, who then goes home and yells at her kid because she has had a sucky day. Who knows the impact that will have on that kid and who he will become some day.

Yes, extreme. But, how often do you let yourself be with the impact you make? Do you ever think about that? How one thing leads to another and if we all brought our own spark, our own passions out of the closet and SHARED them with the world, what kind of a difference would that make?

Good ideas, inspiration, magic starts with just one person willing to share what they see possible in the world. That can then get all kinds of good things happening.

What kind of a spark could you start today??

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