Make A Plan, Pay What You Can

Have you started to think about 2012 and what you want to make happen in the new year?

I know I have and that means it’s time to start PLANNING!

And since I want to support you in making your awesome stuff happen, I am offering you the super magnificent Make A Plan DIY e-course for anything you are willing to pay.

Yup, that’s right! Have a dollar and that’s it? Then pay me $1.

I am not joking about this.

Pay whatever you can afford or feel the course would be worth to you. And it’s a deal.

I know that the way I teach you to plan in this course really works. It helps you get your ideas out of your head, scheduled and makes sure you are set up to succeed, making your big dreams happen.

So, I want to give anyone access to the course. Please don’t let money or fear, or whatever get in the way of you making your dreams come true.

Your life is now. You can make anything you want happen.

Anything. You just have to claim it and begin.

The Make A Plan Course will help you do that.

Your dreams are waiting for you.

Go here to get the Make A Plan course for whatever you can afford.  And, I’m not crazy, so this offer will only be available for a brief time.  So don’t wait.

Let’s, together, create miracles in 2012!!!

xo, Lisa

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