Love as an Intention

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During this month long series, I am going to take the time to talk about some specific intentions that I personally think are extra juicy.   Doing so I hope will also demonstrate the power of creating intentions and how it looks “on the court.”

One thing I know is that if you just create something, write it on a piece of paper and then shove it in the junk drawer, well, nothing much is going to happen.

You have to DWELL in the intention, soak it in, simmer, let it settle deep into your bones (and your heart).

You have to engage with it, think about it and bring in into your day to day life.

So let’s look at LOVE as an intention, because, really, who couldn’t use a little more love?  😉

Going back to what I talked about yesterday – phrasing your intention in a way that gives you access to experiencing it in the moment – let’s play with the word love.

Some possible ways to create this intention:

  • I intend to experience love.
  • I intend to share love.
  • I intend to ignite love.
  • I intend to be open to love.
  • I intend to celebrate love.

They all have their own unique flavor, or essence, and each of those will give you a difference experience, for sure.

When creating your intention, the sky is the limit.  You can create anything you want to bring into your life.  Even just with the simple word, love.  There are so many possibilities!!

So, let’s say that what you want to create is the intention to experience love.  What might that look like as you go through life?

On a Visionary Mom Team call the other day, one of the moms asked, “so is this kind of like you put on a coat or something and wear your intention?”  My answer was, yes, kind of like that.  So imagine yourself putting on your Experience Love coat. As you put it on, can feel the soft fibers rubbing against your skin?  Do you feel all warm and cozy, letting love into your heart?  Good.

Then, as you walk out the door, into your life, armed with your magical love coat (I may be taking this analogy too far)…  you can engage with the world – pulling toward you experiences of love.

  • You see a homeless woman sitting on the park bench and you feel connected to her in a deeper way.
  • You smile and make eye contact with the grocery store clerk and wonder who he is.  Does he have kids, does he feel loved?  What are his dreams?  You experience a real affinity for him and your smile is that much kinder because of it.
  • You kids are doing something that is driving you crazy and then you remember your intention and you fill your heart with love, letting go the frustration you felt just a moment ago.
  • As you are having dinner with your family, you are listening and paying attention in a new way, every word is a connection, bringing you closer to them, because you are experiencing love.  Right now, in this moment.

The more you dwell in this intention, the more you get to experience love.    Awesome, huh??  :)

And that is how it works with any intention you create.  The more you interact with it, the more you pull in into your life, the more the intention is alive and felt in everything that you do.

So what are you creating?  What is your intention for this year?

Day 3 of the Creating Intentions Series.

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