Listen to Your Heart

Do you ever feel a wee bit discontent?

As you go through life, do you have moments of feeling like whatever you are doing or whoever you are is just not enough?

I know I do. And those moments can totally zap my mojo. If I dwell and hang out with it all for too long, a huge black cloud can quickly fill my world.

And, if you know me, you know that I am not a huge fan of ugly black clouds stealing my sunshine. I like to be happy and fulfilled.

So what can you do when you find yourself feeling not so sunny?

I think the best cure is to listen to your heart. Stop, and really listen. How often do you do that?

Take a moment and look through your life – how does each area feel? Do you feel like, YES! I love this part of my life, it  is me totally expressed and fulfilled. Do you have areas of your life where you feel like you are not really you? Areas that can even feel icky if you tell the truth. Icky because you know you have compromised a part of yourself there.

Discontent, more often than not, is a product of you compromising something that really matters to you. Of you doing something that goes against your own personal integrity and what you know to be right and true.

I find that the more I “sell out” and do things for other people that are not what I need to be doing for myself, the more that I ignore my own inner wishes and desires, the more I try to be someone that is not me ~ the more unhappy I feel.

I also know that standing up for what I need, saying no, and taking some time for me can really take something.  Something like courage or strength or compassion.

As mothers, we are so used to taking care of everyone else’s needs before our own.  To stop and listen to our own heart, our own dreams, can make us feel guilty or even uncomfortable – because we are just not used to taking time for this.  I know there are some of you out there that have just stopped feeding your own soul, your own needs and desires.

But to feel happy, to experience fulfillment, means that you have to stop, listen and act according to what your heart wants to manifest. Even if it is uncomfortable or scary. Even if you are just not used to doing this.

This may mean there are things you have to say no to. Things that are obligations or “shoulds” that you have committed yourself to. Those things that you do – not because it is what your heart wants to do – but because you feel obliged to do.

Those things are zapping your energy, they are stealing your spirit.

So take some time to sit and listen to what is in your heart. What do YOU desire? Trust that what is there inside you is right and true.. it is who you are and what YOU need.

Spend some time every single day listening. Make a habit of it. Otherwise life will just sweep you along without you having a say about where it takes you.

Then take some action..

TODAY. Do something that moves you closer to what your heart wants. It could be stopping something that you know is not true to who you really are or it could be doing something that you know is.

Go do it. Experience that wonderful feeling of being true to yourself. It is liberating and exhilerating. (and sometimes a little scary, but oh so worth it!)

You so deserve to live a life that you love, that is true to your heart, that makes you happy every single day.  And deep in your heart, you know what that life looks like.


What is something you will do today that makes your heart smile?

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