Life is My Truth by Tara Wagner

Oh my goodness, do I have a treat for you today!  None other than the always inspiring, Tara Wagner, sharing her truth today.  Tara is amazing.  Seriously. I have been super blessed having her be apart of the Visionary Mom Teams.  Knowing this woman makes such a huge difference in my life, and I am sure she will impact yours!  If you are unfamiliar with her, please be sure to go visit her blog, The Organic Sister.  Then come back and read these totally spot on words.

Life is My Truth by Tara Wagner

Lisa asked me several months ago to share my truth. And to be truthful, I kinda Eek!-ed out a little inside.

It’s not that I don’t have things that feel like Truth to me. It’s that I couldn’t easily narrow down what MY Truth is – that one guiding light or cornerstone to my life.

I have had 100 Truths in my life…each one of them completely true, at least in that moment. I have had messages in the form of single words that have transformed that time in my life….words like Balance….Acceptance….Trust….Authenticity….

But when I can zoom out, all the way out and really view the big picture, none of them are My Truth.

When I can look past the details, when I can clear the haze, the emotions, the confusion, when I can feel past the growing pains or the moments of joy, I really see one thing:

That life is good.

Not good, as in butterflies and rainbows and we’re all singing with the birds.

But Good…as in it is what it should be, perfect in its imperfection.

That life is enough.

Not enough, as in we’ll never want or need or experience more.

But enough to teach us what we’re here to learn and experience.

We don’t need to fabricate it or fight it. We don’t even need to understand it.

We just need to trust it.

Yes, life is messy and sometimes ugly. It can be dangerous and depressing and heartbreaking. It can leave us running to catch up or lying flat on our face. It has the ability to expose our deepest fears and tenderest vulnerabilities.

But there is beauty in that.

There is beauty in the pain we feel when we lose a father. There is goodness in the people that have been beaten down by circumstances. There is learning, even in the years we wish had never happened.

There is passion and love and persistence in the connections we allow to lift us up. There is curiosity and opportunities for growth all around us. There is inspiration and fun and excitement. And there is always room for gratitude.

This is life. This is good.

You can find Tara on her blog, The Organic Sister or her incredibly helpful website, Sustainable Baby Steps. Oh, and don’t forget about her amazing photography!

Thank you Tara, for sharing your wonderfulness with all of us!

Want to share YOUR truth?  We’d love to here from you!

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