Let Go, Be Free!

A weekly feature, where I double dog dare you to do something bold, something creative, something courageous.
So that you can more fully become who you really are…

First off, thank you so much to everyone who voted on my little poll about what types of articles you want me to write about. I love getting input like that, it often confirms my hunches, but also helps me discover new things about what people (meaning YOU) really want and need. Feel free to vote if you haven’t – the more imput I get, the better!

And now, for this week’s dare:

Let go of something you hold to be true, something that seems like you really “should” be doing.

Send it out into the ether.. wave goodbye, and move on.

Don’t look back.

These are the kinds of things I’m talking about:

Ways of being that you really think you are (or aren’t)~ being shy, unreliable, not creative, too literal, lazy,unloveable, not smart, boring, etc.  You are not REALLY these things, they have just become habits and truths that you work hard to keep true.  Well, pick one that doesn’t serve you and who you really are and let it go….

Things you think you should be doing to make you a better person. All you can do is be yourself, so give up trying to do things that don’t light your fire, things that really don’t inspire you just because you “should” be doing them.    Stop trying to fit things into your life and then make yourself feel guilty for not doing that stuff that really doesn’t feel like you anyway.    My thing like this is knitting.  I keep saying I am going to do it, I want to do it.  Except that I don’t really like it.   I don’t, but I have this should, because knitting is supposed to be this really great thing to do.  And then I feel guilty that I keep putting it off.  Well, I am going to let this one go.  Me?  Not a knitter.  Feels good to say it.

Stuff that keeps making it to the do list, but totally does not inspire you. I’m not talking about cleaning the toilets.  That’s a necessary evil.   I’m talking about the stuff that just zaps your energy, drains you, and for whatever reason you really think you HAVE to be doing this.  Expect that really, you don’t.  The house is not going to fall apart, your kids won’t turn into serial killers and you won’t grow old with sorrow filling your heart if you let this one go.   Examples of this might be playdates.  I like taking my kids on a playdate every now and then, like once or twice a month.  But, I often find myself scheduling playdates once or twice per week, and it just drains me.  I am a home body.  I like chilling at home, it makes me happy.  Being out and about wears me out.  And, there is nothing out there that says the only way my kids are going to grow up happy and fulfilled is if they go to lots of playdate.  Just not true.  It’s a “should” that I have made up and when I finally realized this and let go of the guilt, I am so much happier staying home, doing my thing.   You might love playdates, but I am sure there is something else that just really doesn’t work for you, but you keep on doing because you think you should.  Give it up, let it go.\

Remember, YOU get to make up the rules.

This week, say goodbye to one thing that is really not you.  That weighs you down, that sucks at the good vibe of your soul.  Let it go…. Be free!

Comments:  What is one thing you are going to let go of this week?

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