Kickin’ Off The New Year

Happy New Year!!

It’s here, isn’t it?  Already just about a week into a brand new year.

Are you still plotting and planning, thinking about your plans for 2012?

If so, be sure to grab yourself a FREE New Year Strategy Session with me to look at exactly what you want to accomplish and HOW you’re going to go about making your big ideas happen this year.

Also.. last year, I did a whole big, long series about Intentions.. how to create them, how to keep them, and how to use them to empower you to make stuff happen in your life.  You can check out that series here. 

So, what do you want 2012 to be about?

This is the thing that I’m going to be working on in this new year  (and I’m going to be super focused on training and working with anyone who also wants this in her life)… it’s this:

Living a Visionary Life

And here’s what I mean by that…

You know those moments when all is clear.. anything is possible.. you know that you can BE anyone you want.. you can ACCOMPLISH anything you desire, you can love with all your heart and zero fear, courage comes easy, and in that moment you are 100% satisfied, ridiculously happy and without question fulfilled?  I call those magic moments.

In those magic moments, your VISION for life is also very, very clear.  The essence, or flavor, of what truly inspires you is right there, present and filling you up.

It’s giving you life.

When you can take that vision and infuse it into all areas of your life:  your parenting, your work, your home, your friendships, your art, and everything else that you do (even folding the laundry).  When your vision is the backbone of your entire life.. that is Visionary Living.

When you live this way it makes an impact. 

It effects everything and everyone you come into contact with.  The world becomes a better place because YOUR vision is out there making a difference.

So that’s what I’m focusing on this year..  Living MY life in a visionary way and helping as many moms as I can to also live Visionary Lives.

Because, can you imagine that?

Us moms totally inspired, in contact with our own magnificent inspirations and living in a way that has our biggest, boldest visions fully out there, alive in the world?

Imagine the impact of that on our kiddos?   And who they will become because of us livng true to what we believe and invision for the world? (yeah, awesome, huh?)

Ok, I know I am doing some grandiose thinking here.. but really.. why not?

Why not live life to make an impact?

Why not be connected to that powerfully aliveness?

Why not spread joy and happiness and fulfillment with everything we do?

Why freakin not?

I think I’ll grab that as my mantra for the year.. WHY FREAKIN’ NOT??

I love you guys!

Thanks for being here and spreading the magic of Visionary Living with me.    So excited to see what impact each and every one of you make in the world throughout this sparkly brand new year.

xo, Lisa




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