Jump up and down because this is YUMMY!!!

Have you ever read the amazing words of Danielle LaPorte over at White Hot Truth??

She is really, really, awesome and insanely inspiring.  Her blog is one of the reasons that I conjured up the courage to start Visionary Mom.

Well, today is her birthday, and she has something amazing just for YOU!

Today is pay what you can day for her insanely helpful digital program, The Spark Kit.

Yup, you can pay anything that works for you. Incredible, huh?

I HIGHLY recommend this program for those of you who want to to work in ways that are 100% true to who you are, your dreams and your passions.

Once you click the link and read about The Spark Kit, go to her main page and leave a comment with the price you want to pay to grab this deal, which is only good TODAY, so don’t procrastinate this one.  :)

Get your spark on right here:

Just wanted to pass this on to you….  a great resource at a can’t pass up price.  :)  I hope you use it and it makes a difference for you.

xo, Lisa

***Yes, this is an affiliate link.  And YES, I really do believe in this product.   It will knock your socks off!

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