It’s Time!! A Free eCourse

I know that one of the biggest challenges we have as mother’s is finding the time to do all of the things that we want to do. Life with kids can be overwhelming and exhausting.  Being able to find the time to pursue our own dreams and passions so often (too often) falls into the “someday” pile.

Well not anymore!

I have put together an awesome  e-course to help you experience having more time.

  • Have you ever noticed that the more overwhelmed, busy and task driven you get – the less you actually get done?
  • Do you spend a ton of time thinking about stuff to do but not actually doing any of it?
  • Do you somehow manage to get a day all to yourself only to feel disappointed because you wound up wasting it away?
  • Is your to-do list a mile long and things just keep moving from one day to the next, never getting checked off?
  • When you do finally have time to yourself are you too exhausted to actually do some of the things you were hoping to do with that time?

Yup.  Been there.  I totally get it.  This is the life of a mother.  What about all the wishes and dreams you have swimming in your mind but you never get going on them because you know that you just won’t have time to give those ideas the attention they deserve?

Well, it’s time.  Time to do something. Time to take your time back!

The truth is that there are 24 hours in a day.  Only 24.  No more, no less.

But, what you do with those 24 hours is what will make all the difference in the world.   And, even more importantly, how you experience those 24 hours is what will have you be productive, confident, happy and fulfilled.

That is what we are going to work on during these 8 weeks.  Shifting your experience of time.  Getting it to slow down.  So you can use more of it in ways that will make you happy.  So you CAN get working on those dreams, whatever they may be.

And how much are these 8 weeks going to cost you?  Nothing.  It’s FREE!!!  Yup, that’s what I said – free.  You don’t even need to sign up or anything.  All the coaching/lessons/thoughts/actions to take will be shared right here on the blog.

Here are the details:

  • Each week there is a theme along with  my thoughts/coaching, and some actions for you to take.
  • I am available via email if you have any questions along the way.  lisa [at] visionarymom [dot] com.
  • You can “sign up” by adding your blog link to the little linky tool below.  This is a great way to connect with other awesome mama’s who have taken the course.  You don’t have to, but I hope you will. :)

And that’s it.  It won’t be hard and it won’t take you a ton of time each week (none of us needs more stuff to do).  You can participate in as much or as little as you like.  There are no tests and no grades.  You can do  the weekly exercises at whatever pace you like.  This course is FOR YOU to get some power back, to get some control, to feel like you can do anything!

So.. who’s in???

You can sign up here:

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