It’s All In Your Mind

Week Eight of the FREE e-course “8 Weeks to Feeling Like You Have More Time”

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Week One ~ Setting Your Intentions and Recommendations to Get the Most Out of the Course

Week Two ~ Freeing Up Your Mind ~ The Big Brain Dump and Tracking Your Time

Week Three ~ What is Your Attention on and Perceptions

Week Four ~ Find 2 Hours For Your Dreams

Week Five ~ When Was The Last Time You Asked For Help?

Week Six ~ What Are You Grateful For?

Week Seven ~ Making Changes That Become Habits

It’s All In Your Mind ~ A Little Pep Talk

It is, really.  Whatever you think or feel about time ~ not enough of it, wish you had more of it, can’t get stuff done because of it, it’s flying by too fast.  Well, guess what?  It’s just not true.

It’s just how you have come to regard time.   Your perceptions shape your experience.  Your habits govern your actionsWhat you spend time worrying and obsessing about impacts how you feel.  Trying to do everything on your own weakens your ability to accomplish your goals.  Procrastinating and putting things off for another day just postpones you living your dreams.

And all of this stuff, the thoughts, actions, perceptions are not going anywhere!!  They are who you are and what makes you be the person that we all love and adore.  However, you do have the power to shift your perceptions, change you habits, think empowering thoughts, ask for help and get your butt into action.

You can make changes in your life if you want to.

The key is wanting to.  Having something that is so important to you, that so matters, that totally rocks your world.  Having something like that, that makes you willing to turn off the TV, get some support and start working on your dreams.   That is what will make the difference here.

I know that sounds easy.  Easier said than done.  But, if your dream is worth it to you ~ really worth it ~  you will find a way.  You will make it happen.   And, you don’t have to do it alone. That is what we are here for, this community of moms that want more out of life than just being a mom.

We’ve got your back.   :)  Don’t forget that.  As you go through life, know that there are other people, other moms ~ just like you ~ that have big dreams, that have wishes and ideas and their own personal brand of awesomeness.  We are here, and we are cheering YOU on!

I hope that taking part in this e-course has made a difference for you.  I hope it motivates you to slow life down, enjoy it more and spend more time working on your dreams.  I hope being a part of this community empowers and nurtures you to live your most amazing, most inspiring life possible.


I’d love to hear from you ~ what have you learned?
What did you get our of this e-course?

If you enjoyed this series and want a little more one on one support to help you fulfill your dreams, be sure to check out the other e-courses that I offer.  Also, the brand new Visionary Mom Teams are an amazing way to make sure you are not working on your dreams alone.

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