Intentions for 2011

Happy New Year!

The very best part of bringing in a new year is all the hope, inspiration and excitement that is in the air.  Whether you are a big maker of resolutions or today is the same as any other, it is hard to avoid the pull to create something new as everyone around is ringing in the new year.

Me?  I am not the hugest fan of resolutions.  They seem to be all about changing everything that is WRONG and my view is that trying to change all the bad stuff makes very little difference.  And, in fact, it usually ends up encouraging and welcoming MORE of the bad stuff.

That’s probably why most New Year’s Resolutions don’t stick.  Focusing on changing the bad stuff = more bad stuff.  Usually.

Which brings me to what I DO think is powerful and actually DOES make a difference.

Creating powerful intentions.

What is an intention?

It is a created declaration of what you are intending to bring about.  It is full of possibility and opportunity.  It leaves you (as the indender) empowered to bring into your life something that is 100% created.

So, let’s compare that to a resolution.

If you look up resolution or resolve in the dictionary you see words like reduce, separate, firm, solve, decide, determine, etc.  Them’s fighting words!

Seriously.  I know when I think of resolutions – it makes me tense up immediately.  I know that I am going to have fight and work hard to make stuff happen.

And who wants that?

Imagine that instead of being all resolved to force something to happen – to make big changes, you were creating and bringing into your life something new?

Sounds far more gentle and uplifting doesn’t it?

A big part of creating intentions is letting go and accepting life as it is, right now, in this moment.

Then, from there, you can really, authentically create something.

So instead of “I’m going to loose 30 pounds” your intention could be “loving myself” or “being gentle” or “finding beauty” – whatever would leave you feeling totally empowered and nurtured.  Whatever has your spirit lifted up, embraced and nurtured.

Imagine if you did create the intention of being gentle.  And you brought that into all your weight loss efforts.  Instead of beating yourself up and feeling crummy every time you “broke the rules” you could look at yourself in the mirror and be kind with yourself, love yourself, and give yourself some space.  Then the next time you are faced with the choice of eating that gigantic piece of chocolate cake or walking away, you might actually find yourself content with a few small bites and gently walking away from the rest. No fighting with yourself, just being gentle and accepting the moment.

The more you embrace your intention, bring it into your heart and your day to day actions, the more it can work on you, bringing about the things you dream and wish for.

There is no fighting in that, no forcing something to happen.

And, that is powerful.

So powerful, in fact, that I am going to devote the entire month of January to this whole business of creating intentions.  I am going to dig deeper into possible intentions,  giving you a full experience of the power of doing this kind of work.  I will also talk about how to keep your intentions alive, so they don’t get neglected and forgotten.  And, we’ll celebrate and nurture the intentions that all of you want to embrace for this new year.

Can you hear it?  The wheels spinning, weaving a web of magical possibilities?

I can.  And I am so looking forward to diving deep into this subject, coaching and guiding you along, so you can create whatever you want for 2011.

Whatever you want!

Day One of the Creating Intentions Series.

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