An Important Aspect of Living Powerfully

Getting Rest.

I know it sounds simple, but it is so true.

You cannot be your best self if you are tired, worn out, stressed, worried, and frazzled.  You can’t.  And you really do need to be your best self if you are going to live powerfully and fulfill your dreams.

It is so hard to focus on what is most important and what our heart wants to express in the world through foggy mama brain.  Most anything you come up with will be a watered down, muddy version of you truly expressing yourself.  Which is not really expressing yourself, is it?

I know lots of mothers who try to steal a few hours for “me time” here and there by staying up late or getting up in the wee hours.  Or, maybe you try to work on your thing here and there while nursing the baby, breaking up a sibling battle, or driving the kids to hockey practice.  This is exhausting!  Do you really feel alive, fulfilled and nurtured operating this way?

My advice?

Stop and take a moment to rest.  That might mean going to bed at a decent hour, asking your partner to hang with the kids while you go for a walk, sitting for a few moments and enjoying the stillness.

Going, going, going a hundred miles per hour trying to squeeze in a few hours of creative mama time makes no sense.  Especially if you are wiped out when you do finally get to work!

Take some time to take care of yourself.

And, spending time zoning out surfing the internet doesn’t count. No matter what you tell yourself.

You need to connect.  With yourself.

How are you feeling right now?  Does your body feel healthy, happy, rested?  If not, what do you need to do to nurture yourself?

Are you feeling hectic and nutty?  Are your dreams and goals present for you, making you happy and fulfilled right now just thinking about them?  If not, what can you do to experience living your dreams in this moment?

That is what I mean by resting.  Stopping and recharging.  Connecting with yourself, your dreams, your passion.  And putting to rest all the other stuff that is getting in the way.

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