Ignore Your To-Do List

A weekly feature, where I double dog dare you to do something bold, something creative, something courageous.
So that you can more fully become who you really are…

Ignore Your To-Do List

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Yup, you heard me right.  Your dare this week is to pick a day and totally ~ GUILT FREE ~ ignore your to do list.

When was the last time you just had fun, went with the flow, saw what you saw, did what you did, and did it without feeling an ounce of guilt?

The dishes will still be there tomorrow, dinner can be a sandwich, the laundry can pile for another day and no one is going to freak out if you don’t return their email right this second.

Take a day to do whatever you (and your family) feels like doing right in that moment.  Wake up with no agenda, no plans, nowhere you HAVE to be.  Open yourself up to great discoveries, silly laughter and relaxing into the delightful space of just being.

Give yourself permission to do nothing.  Then come back and let us know what you discovered about yourself.

What did you learn about yourself by taking a day off?

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