I Double Dog Dare You

A new feature where I challenge you ~ dare you ~ to be bold.
~ live with passion ~ share your truth ~ fulfill your dreams ~
This is your chance to become more wonderfully YOU!

Ask For Something You REALLY Want

{Ask for What you Want by NayArts on Etsy}

Go ahead.

  • Make that request
  • Ask for that favor
  • Invite that person you really want to know over for coffee
  • Request a raise
  • Plead for forgiveness
  • Petition for some time to take care of yourself, with someone else taking care of all the other stuff
  • Beg for some good, quality, goofy fun

Open your mouth and ask.  And watch as the universe does not laugh or point or think you are ridiculous for wanting what you want.

What is one thing you really want that you have been too afraid to ask for?
Tell me in the comments!

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