How to Juggle It All

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You are a mom and have all the stuff to do that being a mom requires. You also have to make your home tidy and a happy place, and you probably also want it to be lovely and super welcoming. You may also work, or have your own business, or you dream of starting your own business. And what about being creative? Or your friends, traveling, working in your garden and all the other amazing stuff you hope to accomplish in this life?

How in the heck do you juggle it all and get it all done?

Truthfully, you probably won’t be able to.

Say what?   😐

It’s true. When you are about big stuff, living inspired, and following your dreams, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to do it all.

At any given point, you are probably dropping the ball with something.

The key is in how you look at it.

You can either beat yourself up, feel like crud and wish you could “just do things better.”

Or, you can deal with the chaos that sometimes comes with living a big life!

Accept that life will not always be perfect, you will not always have it all together in every single area of your life, and you will often drop the ball with things.

To really truly follow your dreams, you’ll probably need to prioritize and decide what things are really important and what things are fine to let go.

One of the biggest things is to let go of being perfect.

When you are truly orientated around your dreams, your passion and what you want your life to be about, things like having a perfectly neat home may not matter. Sure, you will want to tidy up and not let things get out of control, but spending hours every day making things just right is likely unnecessary.

Unless your thing is interior design and decorating and that is what you are truly passionate about. Then you probably will spend tons of time making your home just so, but you decide to let go of baking bread every week and making all your food from scratch.

You get the idea. Focus on what is truly important to you and let go of the stuff that, sure in an ideal world would be great to have perfect, but in this world, let go of the stuff that doesn’t really matter.

Giving yourself permission to just focus on your good stuff and let go of the rest – this will free you up to truly live your magical life.

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