How to CHOOSE Your Dream Business

Do you have a DESIRE to start your own business, but you just aren’t sure WHAT you should do?

It’s a scary thing to put yourself and your ideas out there, so picking “the right” thing seems really important, right?

You have so many ideas and interests, would any of them actually make you money and would you REALLY want to pour your heart and soul into any of your ideas?

Those are important questions to ask and FOR SURE, starting your business with clarity about this is super important.

I recently did one of my FREE 1-on-1 coaching calls with an awesome woman named Teri, who has given me the thumbs up to share about our conversation.

This is the lovely Teri, who I just adore.  I LOVE what she wants to make happen with her business (can you guess what she wants to do?)

She came to our call saying that:

1. She’s been thinking about and wanting to start her own business for years, but is confused about what she should do.

2. She HAS to start making some additional income soon, or go get a part time job, which wouldn’t be the end of the world, except for this nagging desire to work for herself, and

3. She’s scared that she couldn’t do it, couldn’t REALLY make a business happen and is so all over the place with ideas that she feels paralyzed.


I think many of us feel that way… lots of ideas, doubting ourselves, NEEDING to make money, wanting to work for ourselves, but unsure of what to do.

In my conversation with Teri, we explored a lot of things about her life. We looked at her skills, her passions, what she enjoys doing with her time, how she likes to help and contribute to people.

We dug in and discovered that Teri is ALREADY on the path toward her dream business!

Teri and her husband just moved her family across the country from Oregon to Missouri to build – FROM SCRATCH – a self sufficient homestead. Teri has tons of experience homesteading from their life in Oregon and it’s one of her biggest passions.

She’s already started a blog to share her journey of building their homestead and has thought that it could possibly lead to some kind of a business down the road.

The problem that we ran into, however, are 2 HUGE obstacles that have made starting a business really difficult for Teri:

1. She hasn’t seen CLEARLY just how to start and build a business from her passion, and…

2. She has doubts about her ability to contribute and make a difference, and ultimately lacking the confidence to get out there and make this business happen!

I’m sure that many of you face these obstacles as well.

Starting your own business is RISKY and scary and it will bring your junk up to the surface, for sure!

The thing that will help TONS with overcoming these fears  is having CONFIDENCE and CLARITY about your business dreams.

  • CONFIDENCE that your ideas, products or services are GOOD, and that what your business offers the world is worth paying for.
  • And CLARITY about how your business will make money, how you’re going to grow your business and exactly what you’re going to do to create a business that is wildly successful.

So, how do you gain that clarity and confidence?

I’d love to help you get there. This weekend, I’m teaching a FREE tele-class about this exact topic. I’m going to share with you how to start a business that you will love, that will make a difference AND that will make you money.

You’ll learn the 4 key ingredients to starting a successful business, so you can CHOOSE your business with confidence!

Please join me on Saturday morning (March 30th) at 11am EST.

Click here for details and registration info.

In this free training, I’m going to walk you through the exact work I did with Teri to help you get clarity about your business, figure out exactly what you want to do, and get that confidence to just get started!

Teri and I are now working together to create her dream business and this free class will help you get started with YOURS!

I hope you can join us.

Have a great week, keep dreaming BIG and give those business dreams of yours permission to grow,

Xo, Lisa

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