How Can You Work In That Mess?

Here’s a quick productivity tip:  Clean up your workspace.

I know, it sounds simple enough, but this is an important aspect of being productive, motivated and inspired to get to work.  And by work, I mean taking action on your dreams, being creative and doing that thing that totally inspires you.

This is what my desk looks like at the moment:

Kind of scary!

About once per week, I notice myself feeling unmotivated, sluggish, and totally not inspired to work.  Then, I realize that my desk is a mess!  This is where I work, but I just don’t want to hang out here when it looks like this.

Now, I know this about myself.  Messy desk = Lisa doesn’t feel like working.  Sitting here frustrates me and stops the flow of creativity. Big time!

And yet, about once per week… my desk becomes a big ol’ crazy mess!  And I wind up feeling tired and sluggish, with zero motivation.

No accident.

The space that you work in will either totally inspire you and motivate you, or it will bring you down and exhaust you.

For me, it’s a quick fix – just clean it up, put everything away, open the window to let in some fresh air, and voila!  I have a happy workspace again.  It’s not perfect or even my ideal desk/work space, but it allows me to get to work.

Chaotic messiness slows things down.

A clean open space allows for creativity.

Simple as that.

Take a look at where you do your work, whatever your inspired work may be.  Does it call you over, inviting you to get stuff done?  Or do you avoid that space because it’s chaotic and totally unwelcoming?

What can you do, this weekend, to make a space that will welcome you and inspire you?  What can you do to open up that flow of creativity?


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