Giving Yourself Permission to Retreat

You know you need some time for yourself.

Time to reconnect and nurture your true self. But, you just can’t seem to bring yourself to do it.

At the end of last week, I wrote a couple of posts about retreating:

Why It’s Important To Retreat


How to Create Your Own Mini Retreat

Today, we are going to talk about WHY you don’t take the time to give yourself some much needed love and attention.

Maybe you have found a retreat that sounds intriguing, that you can actually afford and that is only a short amount of time away from your family.

But, you don’t sign up for it.

Or, you decide you will create your own mini-retreat, but it just never happens.


As mothers, we seem to always put our needs last.

We are so used to being needed and on call 24/7. Taking some time for us just feels, I don’t now, selfish?  It makes us feel guilty.

How can we possibly ask our partner or a stranger to take our babies for an entire weekend, to deal with them and all their needs on their own?

Do you feel like you are asking a lot?

Well, you are. You are not just asking for the time, you are also asking for the space ~ the space to reconnect to who you really are, to take care of yourself.

And that is a hard thing to ask for. Most everyone in your life will gladly give this to you, by the way. They want you to take care of yourself and to live your life with power and joy.  They do, really, ask them.

But, will YOU give this amazing gift to yourself?

As people, we often get so used to just living, going through the motions, accepting what life throws our way.  To break out of that is hard.  It can be scary and intimidating.

Yes, it is scary to dream, to live your life with passion. It is risky to explore your heart and what you you really want out of life.

It is intimidating to walk into a new space that is unfamiliar and perhaps uncomfortable. We like safety and predictability.

Taking time for yourself, to wish, to dream means stepping out of your comfort zone.

YOU have to give yourself permission to do this.

You have to tell yourself that it is okay to want. It is okay to dream. It is okay to take this time that is sacred and just for you.

Sometimes it is scary to grow, to step beyond. But you must! If you are going to live a passionate, creative life.

So do it, take this time for yourself. You so deserve it.

Go ahead and give yourself permission!

I really hope this little series has inspired you to take some time, to explore, to reconnect to who you really are. I think that us mamas need this so very much.

I hope you actually do it. That you take the time to nurture yourself and allow some magic happen!


PS- Please, share your ideas and experiences about this!

You can hop over to the Visionary Mom Facebook discussion boards. Or, leave your thoughts here in the comments.

How will you take this information to make a difference with yourself?

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