Give Yourself Permission to Dream

I think one of the biggest problems we have as mothers is that we don’t give ourselves permission to dream. To REALLY dream.

I’m not talking about wishes.

Like I wish for my family to be happy and healthy. Or I wish my kids wouldn’t fight so much. Or, I wish I had more time to paint.

I’m talking about dreams. You know those things that make you feel alive and full and happy and free. Those things that make your heart sing and your soul say, YES!

How often do you let yourself just dream?

Like when you were a teenager and you could just see yourself singing on stage in front of tons of people? Or you thought, I am going to travel and see the world!

Whimsical, happy, fully expressed dreams.

Not, the “if only someday” kind of dreams.

You are not going to live a life that you truly love if you don’t give yourself permission to dream.

Don’t worry about how you could fulfill those dreams or whether or not it is even possible.

Just dream. Let yourself. Because it feels good.

Next time you are with some of your friends, start a conversation about dreams.  Share some of your own.  See what everyone else is dreaming about.

You may notice some resistance, reluctance, or even some resignation show up.  People don’t walk around passionately sharing their dreams very often.

And the key word there is passionately.

Most often when we go to share our dreams it is coupled with hesitancy or some justification for why we aren’t doing x, y or z.   We rarely just share with our whole heart about what we truly love and want for our life.

But try it.  Give yourself permission.  See what happens.  You may find that the more you allow yourself to dream big, you give those around you permission to have their own big dreams.

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