Get Some Support

Your dare this week – get some support!!!

We are all just a little be too good at doing everything ourselves.   Way too good.

But, I personally think it is a wee bit insane to operate this way.   You can be so much more productive, so much calmer, peaceful and fulfilled, just by getting some support for whatever it is you are up to.

Support could be asking a friend to brainstorm with you.

Or having your sister watch the kiddos one day a week so you can paint.

Or putting your spouse on morning duty Saturday mornings so you can sleep in after staying up late writing your novel.

It could be setting up a weekly playdate exchange with another mom so each of you can have your own time to work on stuff.

Or it could be hiring a coach who will kick your butt and help you get your awesome idea off the ground.

If you are working on loosing weight, hire a trainer so you have someone to guide you and push you and motivate you when you just want to lay around eating doughnuts.  :)

If you know that there are other mamas around you who want to make their own dreams happen, why not start a Visionary Mom support group?  You gals could meet once per month to share your about your progress and get the support you need.  Or if you don’t have other moms around you, there is always the Visionary Mom Teams.

The point is.. don’t do this dream making all by yourself!  Ask for help, get some support, join forces.

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