Free Visionary Living Chat

Awesome! I love that you want to chat. There is nothing more inspiring or awesome (in my book) than hearing the dreams and goals, the wishes and desires of a beautiful, amazing mama – like you!

I only offer a limited number of free 15 minute chats each month, so book yours now to make sure we get a chance to talk. I’m available to chat over the phone or via skype, whichever is best for you.

To schedule your Free Consult:

  1. Start by filling out the form below.  This will allow me to get to know you a little better and helps me to prepare our call so those 15 minutes can really count.
  2. Then, click the “Set a Meeting” button below. That will redirect you to a scheduling program with my availablity.
  3. Pick a couple options that work best for you and follow the prompts to set up your session.
  4. Check your email. I will send you a confirmation with the meeting time and details.
  5. Show up on Skype or I will call you at our designated time and we will get your world rockin’. :)

Please note: These free sessions are for new clients only. Sorry to you lovelies that I already know and have worked with before. You do know that you are welcome to send me a note anytime, right?   :)

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