Finding Your Bliss

What is it that you love to do?

What makes you happy, inspired, full of life?

Not sure? I think it is pretty common for us to loose sight of this when we become mothers. All of our attention goes to our little ones – what do they need?

So, we stop listening to our own hearts and we stop doing things that are just for us. Things that make our spirit sing.

You may be wishing and wondering and wanting to go chasing your dreams, but you just aren’t sure what they are anymore.

So, how do you discover what you are passionate about? How do you find your bliss?

Here are some things you can do that should point you in the right direction:

1. Sit quietly and think about how it is you want to feel as you are going about your life. Write it down. Let you mind go and write down whatever you think up. Peaceful, excited, inspired, loved, passionate, exuberant, calm, etc. Only you know how it is that you want to feel. Keep writing until you get it all out.

2. Do you notice a theme on your list? Could you narrow the list down to 3-5 words that sum everything up for you? Feel free to use a thesaurus to find the perfect words that really say it for you. Write those down on an index card or small piece of paper that you can have in front of you or carry around with you wherever you go.

3. Now start to notice when you are doing things that make you feel those things. What things are you already working on that make you feel what you are wishing to feel? What things to you daydream about that make you feel this way? Start to notice what brings about your desired feelings.

4. Those activities, thoughts, behaviors will point you to the things that bring you happiness and fulfillment. See if you can’t do more of that stuff and less of the things that don’t make you feel the way you want to feel.

5. Another thing that will point you toward your bliss is to pay attention to the things you like to talk about with the people in your life. What do you go on and on about? What could you discuss for hours and only get more excited about?

The key with finding your bliss is that only you know what it is. Only you know what lights your fire, makes your smile and has your soul say YES!

The only way to connect with that is to listen. Really take the time to listen to what your heart wants to express and then find ways to express that.

Also, you can’t make yourself passionate about anything. You either are or you aren’t. So, yes, you may love the idea of being a painter, but if you are not passionate about painting, then pursuing a painter’s life will only leave you frustrated.

Finding your bliss is really an exercise of telling the truth about what inspires you, what doesn’t,  and then lining up your life to live your own truth.

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