Find 2 Hours For Your Dreams

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Find 2 Hours For Your Dreams

So at this point, you should have a bit of a sense that the trick to feeling like you have more time is shifting your perception to time.  And this, I know, is easier said than done.  So this week, we are going to put it to the test.

Your assignment this week is to find 2 hours just for you.  2 hours that you will use toward fulfilling on your dreams.  2 uninterrupted hours of you painting, or writing, or taking pictures, or meditating, or doing whatever would have you working toward your dreams.  2 hours without the kids, the spouse, the laundry, the bills, or your never ending to-do list.

Yup, 2 hours just for you.   Not to just wander around and shop, or go to the movies, or do something else that is just “doing nothing”.  These 2 hours are for you to get on the “making your dreams happen ship” and see where it sets sail.

Oh, and these 2 hours are not to be had at midnight or before the crack of dawn, they are going to happen right in the rhythm of your normal day to day life.

You may have to hire a babysitter, or ask a friend a favor, or turn off the TV, or (gasp!) ignore the dishes, or get off the phone, or give up something else that is just wasting your time.  Not that whatever you would be doing wouldn’t be fun, or even nourishing on some level.  But, you working on and fulfilling your dreams is 100 times more important and this week you are going to prove that to yourself.

You might find yourself battling those inner voices telling you that you don’t have anything worth while to work on, or that it’s not fair for you to take this time away from your kids, or that your idea is stupid, or that maybe it really is better to wait to get started on this until the kids are older.  Whatever you are telling yourself about why you can’t take these 2 hours is the exact thing you need to do battle with to fulfill on your dreams.  So get in there and battle if you need to ~ you and your dreams are worth it!

A few ideas to make sure your 2 hours are well spent:

  1. Prepare your workspace ahead of time so you can get right to work.  You don’t want to spend your 2 hours organizing your supplies and setting up your work station.  You want to be able to sit down and get right to work.
  2. Create an intention for what you want to accomplish in your 2 hours.  With an intention, you will be focused and will be way more productive vs. just sitting down and “seeing what happens”.  An intention my be something like, “I am going to walk around the city for 2 hours seeking our beauty to capture on film.”  Or “I am going to sit down for 2 hours and write until I have written 2000 words.”  Focus your efforts.
  3. Make sure you schedule this time with no kids around.  They will find ways to interrupt and you will find yourself pulled to be there for them.  Set yourself up to win, by making sure no one can find you while you are working.

Ok, lovely mamas, that’s it.  Go find yourself 2 hours, push through the excuses and get working on your dreams!  Find the time, no matter what, and see what happens when you do.

What are you going to spend your 2 hours working on?

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