Everything Is Right In The World

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I  know that sometimes when I seek out personal development, or coaching, or some super inspiring book, that what is driving me this sense that there is something wrong with me.  I’m trying to figure out a way to feel better, be more motivated, and stay inspired, because, well, I’m not feeling that at the moment.

And, this, I think is true for most of us.

We want to be happy, content, feel powerful, and know that we can make anything happen in our lives. And we want that because we are not feeling happy, content, powerful, and motivated to make things happen.  We feel stuck and frustrated, overwhelmed and annoyed.

We don’t want to feel like that, so we go seeking, looking for some kind of an answer that will help us get out of the muck.

Well, what if we approached this self-growth stuff, not from a place of “something is wrong with me,” but from a place of, all is right in the world?

What if you (and me) started working on staying present, connected, in the moment, loving our lives – right now, exactly as they are and even loving all the stuff that isn’t?

Yeah, loving all the stuff that isn’t about ourselves!

What if you took on your own self discovery from that point of view: that you are perfect  Right now, exactly as you are.

Go ahead, say it, out loud.

“I am perfect.  Right now, in this moment, I am exactly where I am meant to be.”

Hang out there.  Experience the truth of that.  Say it out loud again if you have to.

Then from there, you can explore being productive, happy and content, from how life is right now, in this moment.

There is nothing to fix.  Nothing to overcome. Nothing to conquer.

All there is to do is be.  Be yourself.   Your awesome, beautiful self.

From there, you can act.

From there, you can make your dreams come true.  From there, you get to experience that everything, really is, all right with the world.

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