Enthusiasm and Commitment

How do you stay connected to your enthusiasm?

I know for so many people- being and staying committed to that which you are passionate about is hard. Over time and as life does what life does, how we feel about what we are working on waxes and wanes.

Some days we are so flippin’ excited about what we are working on that we can’t sleep at night, out mind is twirling and there is no stopping the flow of creative ideas.

Other times, not so much. Getting to work is hard and it takes everything we’ve got to put pen to paper, paint to canvas or whatever it is YOU love to do.

Our enthusiasm comes and goes.

And so many factors play into how we feel about our projects and the things we are working on. How people are responding, now much sleep we’ve gotten, how successful we are, etc.

But, one thing that CAN be tried and true and carry the day for you ~ no matter what ~ is your commitment. IF you have a strong relationship with commitment.

You see, it is easy to say, “I’m committed to living on a tropical island and painting all day long.” It is quite another thing to actually be committed to that goal.

And, it is important that you don’t fool yourself into believing all the things you say.

It is important that you look deep inside and tell the truth about all that you are really and truly committed to.

You see, the things that you ARE committed to, with all of your heart and all of your being, are unwavering.

Take, for example, your children. You will do anything to keep them safe and happy, yes? Unwavering. Committed. There is no question that you will do whatever is needed to make sure they are well.

But what about that big dream of yours? Have you committed yourself to it? Like, really, with all of your being? Is your commitment unwavering?

Take a moment of quiet to just be with yourself, to check in, to listen.

Are you really committed to what you say you are?

You have to tell the truth about this.

For those of you wondering why nothing is happening with your big dream, this is the key.

For whatever reason in today’s society we are so full of hot air! We say we are committed to things and we talk about all the things we are going to do, when really, if push comes to shove we would rather just sit and watch the TV for a while longer.

So tell the truth about all that stuff you have been saying you will do. Have you committed yourself? All the way to your very bones?

If not, and it is really okay if you haven’t. In fact, if you haven’t and you can tell the truth about it, then there is the opportunity to actually, authentically commit yourself. For reals.

If you find yourself not really committed, go looking at why, delve in there, see what is in the way. Doing so will lead you on the path of true, authentic, unwavering commitment.

Really, it will.

When your heart and your soul and YOU are committed 100% then you will most likely find your enthusiasm showing up again, all over the place.

Be watching this space over the next few days!  We will be announcing our very first Visionary Mom Retreat!

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