Embrace Your Humanity

Are you hard on yourself?

If you are anything like me, you are.  I like to talk to myself about all the things I should be doing and beat myself up for not doing them.  Worse is when I start in about all the ways I could be being.. you know, more patient, more organized, more driven, more peaceful.  If only I was all that.

But I am just who I am.  And so are you.

Maybe instead of taking ourselves into a closet with a switch, we could spend a few minutes everyday appreciating everything about who we are.  Even the part of us that feels like we are not enough.

Because that is the nature of being human.  To want more, to be annoyed about things, to feel inadequate.  I don’t know one person that doesn’t go down the self doubt path at some point in their life.

If we didn’t spend time questioning ourselves and who we are, we would never, ever grow.

It is just when you are looking yourself straight in the eye, when you see all your shortcomings for what they are – part of YOU – that you can also see and appreciate all that is AMAZING about you.

So, take a moment every day to take yourself in.. all of you – the good, the bad, the ugly.  Take it in and embrace all that is you.

From this place you can grow and discover new little bits about yourself that are truly beautiful.

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