Do Whatever Inspires the Heck Out of YOU

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I think all this talk about intentions and manifesting and expressing yourself and doing what feels true can start to get quite a bit heavy.


And that is not what all this is about.

I am here to inspire, to move you, to call you to push all the crazy self doubt aside and make some movement forward, toward your dreams, toward whatever is it that truly makes you smile.

So, if you created some big, awesome, totally inspiring intention that you totally loved.

And, now you don’t.  Now it is just something that you use to beat yourself up with or compare how amazing you could be, “if only…”

Well, if that’s the case, then bag it.

You’re not stuck with anything here.

This is all created… something for you to use to empower the heck out of you.  And if trying to fulfill on some intention is not doing that for you, then don’t do it!!

I say this because this whole month I have been writing about intentions, but creating intentions is not the point.

Loving your life is.

Embracing it, cherishing it, rockin’ it, having a blast just living.

That’s the point.

Creating intentions is a way to access that.  It is not a thing to do that will once and for all make you happy and fulfilled.

Because they for sure are not going to that.

Living your life full out with all your heart and soul and passion fully out there for all the world to see.  THAT is what will  have you totally loving your life.

Stopping doing all the crazy stuff you are doing to get better and fix whatever it is you think is wrong with you.

THAT will have you freaking fall in love with yourself.  Because there is NOTHING wrong with you!

Taking a moment to quit writing this and just be with my daughter as she takes inventory of all the parts of my face, quietly soothing herself to sleep.

Those moments.

That is what this is all about.

Living and loving your life.  Right here in this moment.

Do whatever inspires the heck out of YOU.  DO whatever has you savor THIS moment.

Celebrate all that is deliciously YOU.

Love all that is your life.

Get there however you get there – makes no difference to me.  But you doing it – really, truly loving your life.

That is what matters.

Day 13 of Creating Intentions

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