Do Something Outrageous Today

Do you ever feel like there is something inside you dying to get out?

I watch my children playing and they don’t hold anything back. If they are mad – they yell or hit.  If they are happy – they laugh their butts off.  If they are sad – they cry.

Children don’t have an edit button. They express everything with their full force.

Not us. We edit. We hold stuff in, we use caution when expressing our emotions, we keep things to ourselves.

Which can lead us to feeling suppressed and closed up. Even when we don’t want to be. It just becomes old habit.

So, how do you break out and get access to expressing yourself?

Do something outrageous!!

Come up with something totally out of “character” – something that is not what the suppressed you would normally do. Find something the fully expressed, living life fully you would do.

And do it.

Make a game of it. Have some fun! Get out of your own comfort zone. Express your joy and enthusiasm. Take a moment to be who you really are (not the suppressed, careful you.)

Here is an exercise you can try:

1.  Grab your journal or a piece of paper and steal about 20 minutes of quiet time away from the kids.

2.  Sit quietly for a few minutes, imagine yourself fully expressed, living it up, doing your thing and not afraid of anything.  How do you feel?  What do you look like?  What are you doing or working on?  What are things you say to people now that the lid is off?  What is your experience of your life?   Get into the space where you really feel like that person who is doing everything you want with no concern about anything other than expressing your passion.

3.  Now take some time to capture what you just imagined.  Write down how you felt, what you were doing, things you said.  Make a list that sums it all up for you.

4.  Pick something off that list that was totally outrageous – something that felt bold and vital and life giving.

5.  Go do that thing.  Just do it.  See what happens.

6.  Let me know what happened.  Shoot me an email or leave a note here in the comments.

See if you can make a habit out of breaking free of being careful. 

Practice living an outrageous life.

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