Cultivating Your Passion – Part 2 – Easy Steps to Keep Your Dreams Alive

I think we have all experienced that feeling of loosing touch with our dreams.

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When your motivation, your passion, the joy and enthusiasm disappears and the only thing you’re left with is frustration, disappointment, doubt and questioning yourself.

No fun!

Well here are few easy things you can do to keep your dreams alive.

1.  Create a Vision Board that you have up in front of you, reminding you and pulling you back into the yumminess of your dreams.

2.  Talk about and share your dreams often, with people who get it.  It is VERY hard for your dreams to live only inside of you.  To help them grow, you have to water them and the best way to do that is to talk about what you love with people who will get excited right along with you.

3.  Make a plan to fulfill your dreams so the path to get there is clear and feels doable.  Not knowing where you’re going is a sure fire way to leave you feeling overwhelmed and unsure.

4.  Find someone that will help you stay accountable.  Someone who wants you to win and will keep you pointed in the right direction.  Stop trying to do this alone!  There is something really powerful about reaching out and asking for help.

5.  Get back on the horse.  Things will likely happen that throw you off course, that challenge you and that make you feel like throwing in the towel.  But, you have to keep moving forward.  Giving up will get you nowhere.

6.  Believe in yourself and your dreams.  They matter.  YOU matter.  What you want to make happen in the world matters.  Remind yourself of this often.

7.  Be gentle with yourself.  Starting something new, diving into your dreams, going for it.  That is scary!  It’s risky.  So love on yourself as much as possible, be kind when you make mistakes, forgive yourself.  It takes real courage to live a passionate life and the rest of the world won’t always be behind you.  Be proud that you are doing – that your trying.  And be kind when that fear shows up to slow you down.

What are your dreams?  What are you truly passionate about?  What mark do you want to make on the world?

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