Creating Intentions for Your Kiddos

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Since you are mom, I am sure you think about your kids and how they are doing, what you can provide for them, and how you can make their lives better.

All this month, I have been talking about creating intentions for YOU, but what about your kids?

Really, this can be applied to ANY area of you life, but since being a mom is super important to all of us, let’s explore creating intentions specifically focused on us as mothers and who we are for our children.

Hopefully, by now, you have created an intention for your own personal dreams and wishes for the coming year (which I would love to hear what it is you created).  You can, absolutely apply that to who you are as a mom.

From the Intention Wall ~

  • My Intention is to Experience Love
  • or My Intention is to Emanate Peace

Both of those would be make such a difference in any difficult parenting day.

But, if the intention that you created is more for you and what YOU want in the coming year, you might also want to create something for your kiddos and how you want to be as a parent.

Then, you can have both of those guiding you as you live through the day to day moments of making your dreams come true.

The Best Way to Create an Intention for Your Kiddos

  1. Grab a quite moment, just a few minutes is enough.
  2. Immerse yourself in the quiet moment.
  3. Think about your child – if you have more than one little person, you could create individual intentions for each of them, or just one for the pack.  :)
  4. Envision your child(ren) fully expressed, happy, fulfilled, they know they are loved and you are completely connected to them.  Savor that moment.
  5. Then, look to see what is present, what is happening in that moment?  Are they joyful?  Do they know they are loved?  Are the being creative?  Are they celebrating the moment?
  6. What is an intention you could create that captures this moment?
  7. Then, get it up in front of you, dwell in it and experience those magical moments being an awesome mamas lots and lots. :)

This whole business of creating intentions is about growing, learning and discovering who you (and your kiddos) really are.  It is about expressing what is in your heart and living it.  So, don’t forget to include intention creating in your role as a mama.    And if you want a mama intention badge for your blog and the intention wall, I’d be happy to make one for you. Here is mine:

What is Your Mama Intention for the Coming Year?

Day 10 of Creating Intentions

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