Clean Up A Lie

A new weekly feature, where I double dog dare you to do something bold, something creative, something courageous.
So that you can more fully become who you really are…

We’ve all done it.  Lied about something big and then swept it under the carpet.

And then, over the years, how often have you thought about that lie?  Has it crept into your thoughts?  When it does, how does keeping the lie hidden make you feel?

Yucky.  I know that’s how it makes me feel.

And that yuck steals our power.  It clouds and masks who we really are.

Lies stink.  They hurt, they diminish, and they damage dreams and possibilities.

And yet, we all tell lies.  We tell them to ourselves, we tell them to the people we love.

So, this week, my dare for you is to clean up a lie.  Go tell the truth, say you are sorry.  Deal with the consequences, accept responsibility.  Feel the pain of it.  Clean it up.

It may not be pretty and it may require a great deal of courage.  But, afterward, when you have told the truth, you will feel so much better.  You will get some power back.  You will be able to look at yourself in the mirror and be proud of who you are.

Go! do it now.

What stops you from telling the truth?  Both to yourself and to others.

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