Make A Plan

Ready to get started with your BIG dream?

Two of the things I hear the most from mothers is that they don’t have the time to work on their dreams and they don’t know where to begin, how to get started.

So, I decided to put together this e-course to help get that plan made, to help you get your dream started.  Planning is my thing.  I am really, crazy good at it.  I love it.  And, even more importantly, I am really good at making the path to get from where you are to where you are going appear easy.  Super easy.

So, why not join me and other mothers like yourself for 4 weeks of getting your ideas organized, getting your dream started, and creating a plan that will have you make your BIG dream come true?

This e-course will walk you through the steps of making a plan, a really good plan, that will help you get on your way to living your dreams.

Over 4 weeks, we will look at what is your big dream, what are your goals, what it will take to make those goals happen and how to break it down so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

“We are going to work on creating a MAP for you to use to get you to where you want to be. This course is about your dreams becoming real. It is about moving beyond your fears, the overwhelm, the uncertainty so you can be clear on what you need to live your dreams. It is about you being ALIVE and experiencing the magic of living with purpose and passion.”
~ An excerpt from the course.

You will also get a chance to connect with other moms who also have big dreams, who are not afraid to live powerfully and passionately.

You will complete the course with a clear path (a MAP) to the fulfillment of your big dream!

And, I am making this course super affordable.. only $45.  Why?   Because I think it is really important that we do what we love.  I want to make sure that YOU are on your path, making your dreams come true.  Now, not someday.

Course includes:

  • Access to a private blog for course participants only.
  • A step by step process for getting your big dream planned.
  • Worksheets for helping you write out your plan.
  • 2 live conference calls where you can ask questions and get direct coaching from me.  These will be recorded and available to listen to if you cannot make the live call.
  • Weekly lessons will be delivered in both written and video format.

Ready to get started?

The next course starts on April 19th.

Closed for registration, be sure to sign up for our mailing list for notices of when the next course will be coming out.

Questions?  Please contact me, I’d love to hear from you!